Friday, September 28, 2012

Workin' on the marketing aspect ;)

         Shantastic has been workin' on getting the word spread around. New flyers, brochures,cards and more! All in the works. Need to spread the word to get out and noticed! New items and more coming soon. Just wanted to keep ya updated on some of the current things going on.

THIS SHOW IS HAPPENING NOW! Check out the Cafe' in downtown Cumberland for a look at the paintings in person!

Shows coming soon:

Painting showcase- Allegany College of Maryland /Bedford Campus- October
Craft Set up at -Masquerade Ball Sunshine Day Dream - October 18th
Dante's Bar - Live Painting and opening Reception - November 9th

Sales Flyer for 2012 Check it out , Hand it out, Put it up, Hit us up ;)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Things have been crazy . With no time to post! Schools back in and I have been going to non stop shows and art openings. As well as meeting up with friends and arranging new ideas and working with others to provide more items and support to local crafters! That's a lot right?!  Do you blame me for no updates? I hope not! I will be starting to add more soon. Promise.

Oh did I add that I changed my religious Philosophy? Kinda of..... Well I will have to explain that at a later time, and trust me I will because it shall be influence many of my new art pieces.:) WHICH I will be busy workin' away at because I have A TON of upcoming events..... I really need to get a Calendar widget for this page!.

Anyways! I have been gettin' stuff done! Studio time has been awesome sorry  again for my lack of updates ...kinda. There has been just so much going on!

Sadly at the Recipe there was the misfortune event of having a wire wrap stolen with a few other items.  After a bad night and both me and Boyfriend being ridiculously sick we headed out Saturday morning. Then we had an unfortunate week in and out of the hospital with the flu! Talk about sucky!

BUTTTTTT we managed to recover and had an Awesome Weekend setting up at Dante's BBQ Sunday. Now I'm getting ready for an Art Opening there on November 9th! The Reckoning will be playing which I hear is an awesome Grateful Dead tribute band sounds like an awesome time to me!... Just sayin' If I ever get super famous I will defiantly have to keep Dante's and Frostburg in mind for giving me such an awesome start.   ;) 

Also I gotta keep working on stuff for the Masquerade comin' up at Sunshine Daydream Memorial Park in October..... I refuse to let the little event get me down and I trust the Farm will try to help keep it from happening this time as well as I have learned from my mistakes and will have a better set up for vending. But I'm working on some awesome glow art for the occasion. Hopeing to have the best Raffle yet to make up for not staying all of  Recipe Cookout.

Oh one more thing! Don't forget to check out the The Culinaire Cafe in Downtown Cumberland. I currently have an art show there. A few of my most recent paintings are displayed in the upper cafe area but really you should totally check out their awesome lunch specials!

So much going on! Ahhh I love being and artist. ♥ Thanks for everyone's support. But I really need to go start painting!.