Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Yes this is me! haha Not to bad as a blonde am I?
Photo Credit: Dorian @ Through the Lens Photography

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dressin' Up for work! Who knew we'd have so much fun?

EXCUSE THIS SLIGHT RANT:   I wanted to post these on Facebook! Sadly , the new facebook up-loader is not compatible with any of my FOUR browsers on my desktop. Does anyone else have this problem??? It's makin' me one sad photographer! Oh and whats worse is , the card reader broke on my laptop so I HAVE to go through the desktop to get the photos off then put them on my laptop to upload.... and that seems to only work sometimes, *SIGH*

Okay enough ranting time for the fun stuff!  

 Dressing up for work, was way to fun!


 I was a Pirate Saturday and Alice ( or Bo Beep, or Goldie Locks , whomever the passengers wanted me to be) today.  It made for an awesome ride. The passengers loved it. Made it tons of fun joking around and cracking jokes about lookin' for treasure or running off to a Tea Party. Dorian even filled my little potion bottle with some potion( aka frozen coffee') in case I needed to shirnk to get through the train. Made for some good joke. ;) Who new working could be fun?

My Co-workers  of course dressed up with me. I wasn't doing this alone are you kidding?







 Ms. Dorian (from Through the Lens Photography) went as a  Ventriloquist Dummy (or Doll as some mistook her for) , and Megan (from Manitoba District) went as a Hippie Saturday and a Cowgirl on Sunday. We all had a blast!  We had little Photoshoots however, Dorian got to keep them on her camera, so we're dying to see how they turned out!  When I get some I will be sure to Share but maybe she will just post them on her Photography page and you can take a peak at her work while your there.

Megan from Manitoba

Take a peak at the girls and I,  having a blast at work for the Halloween weekend. 

Did I mention I met Captain America?
I got a picture with him too! (Hopefully coming soon!)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Today's Projects= Recycled Tye Dye!

Todays goal was to not leave the house, but make numerous items.  That turned out pretty easy once I realized it was time to RECYCLE!

Now who doesn't have an old T-shirt or two laying around the house? I know I have a million!  So I started hunting through the bunch.

Flower Power Necklace

 I found the prefect old t-shirt laying in a pile. Lately I have been on a tye-dye kick , well maybe it's not a kick? More like an all the time thing! It happens when you're friends with the owners of Manitoba District!. They keep me in stock of tons of colorful Tye-Dyes for year-round lol! But I never have anything I like that matches accessory wise. Minus my millions of hemp necklaces, but every now and then everyone needs a little switch up.
T-shirt Infinity Scarf - Tye Dye Style

        That being said, I have some rather rough  looking tye dyes that I made with a few kids a while back. They were a bit on the lame side with not much of a pattern to them. (This is why I gave up Tye-dye and let the pros do it at Manitoba! ) Anyways! Since they weren't being worn I figured why not make them the perfect Accessory to my new favorite tye dyes? Take a peak at my new creations! :) I will gladly make more upon request just let me know if you want a specific color!

  I also wanted to mention I got the idea while browsing around some awesome craft blogs. I had seen it on numerous pages so I'm not sure who to give the first credit to. However, I started making the Infinity Scarf from a tutorial I found on : Kojo Designs

But it was linked to this awesome page I found full of home made Christmas ideas! Click here to check it out on The Happy Housewife's list of 100 great home made gifts.

Flower Bracelet and Braided Necklace set
 Sadly, all my tye-dyes are in the wash due to adventure to the farm last weekend. So I had to suffice wit my favorite black tee. Now I'm wondering if I can get away with my tye-dye accents at my "all black" uniform photography job. Guess I will have to see Sunday when I go to work ;)

Thanks for checking it out! Feel free to let me know if you would like me to make one for you.

Happy Crafting.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Updating the Etsy Shop!

 Please take a moment to peak around the Shantastic Etsy Shop! New arrivals are making their ways to the registries. I am also looking for good teams and art communities to enjoy! Leave some comments to lead me in the right direction. 



Pick an item from our shop to add to your favorites and I will return the favor if you have an Etsy Shop! :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oh young love.... How cute can it can be!

I got to take my first couples photos of the season.  The cutest couple ever decided they wanted to get some of the cute poses that I have been dying to take.

  I have never had such a cooperative couple , they were so happy to get photos together.   Even if he was missing his Sunday football games!   True love , if I do say so myself haha.  

Glad they turned out for them now I get to share! 

 Feel free to pin them on Pinterest ;) You can share my photos any time. I enjoy the support.

Now off to edit their other family sessions so I can share them later ;)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Laziness mixed with buziness

I know I have been saying it a lot  lately but I have been so busy I haven't been able to keep up with everything! While that's awesome, it's also terrible! I have been working hard on getting enough paintings to fill the upcoming show at Allegany College of Maryland - Bedford Campus.  I will hopefully be setting up there within the next two weeks!

I also am working to get everything ready for a LIVE painting and opening reception for a show at Dantes' bar in Frostburg November 9th :) Can't wait!

As always I'm looking forward to the next show at Sunshine Daydream as well coming up even sooner! October 18th will be the Masquerade :) Be sure to bring your pumpkins for the carving contest!