Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Light Goddess of Shine!

I know you can't tell in this picture...but I HAD TO record this memory!

My awesome friend allowed me to do some Research and development on his trailer at like 3 am in the middle of a festival haha. SOOO! I GLOWPAINTED HIS FREAKING CEILING! I did however miss the delta9 set ( sadface, sorry but kinda not sorry because this memory is by far going in my books).

I got to experiment while dancing on my friends cot (Surfing really haha because the trailer was shaking as I bounced my happy butt around) to Shakedown street! Which is indeed one of my favorite songs. (cliche' hippie choice? Maybe, I don't even care!)  Did I mention that I kinda dropped the brush 2 minutes in and straight up USED MY HANDS!  Like a LIGHT GODDESS haha or at least I thought so!  I was covered in glow paint but the trailer looked pretty much untouched! I couldn't believe it barley showed up with the lights on!

After about 10 minutes of dancing around like a crazy hippie chick this glowing gypsy hopped down and waited on her friends to walk through the door.  I decided I wanted to surprise them I'm all about magic , tricks , and jokes. Oh and did I mention I love to rhyme?

One of them recently asked me what my "hustle" was... I told him Shine! ... He looked me up and down and asked where my moonshine was. I laughed and said "Not that kind"

He walked through the door with a grin on his face I told him to look up to the sky. He said he didn't see a thing except some mess I kinda did make on the ground. I said okay smart guy. Then told him and his friends to gather in and turned the lights off and they at first kinda frowned.

What the heck are you doing they asked?
I got out some lasers and told them to each pass
They started shining the sky and each one of them gasped ;)
How'd you do that so quick they all wondered, and asked?
Magical hands of shine and the belief that things can be done in little to no time!
I love being able to make things shine for me.
<3 Shantastic Shine