Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Custom Bass Nectar Shine hat - Glows in the dark - black light activated - Shantastic Shine

This is a  custom order for Jesse S. Hat in vid is not for sale BUT YOU CAN GET YOUR OWN DESIGN MADE NOW!!!!

This  hat was designed as a custom order and is a size 7 3/8 fitted hat. Get yours today on

Shantastic SHINE items are creations or toys that are UV or light activated or related. Shantastic Shine's new goal is to bring not only an artistic expierience but a fun colorful, and interactive one too!
Shantastic Shine is working on a line of UV actived glow wear for parties, festivals, concerts, and just plain fun! From a variety of UV Glow artwork that is not only decorative but interactive to glowing finger gloves , hats, lasers and more!

The glow will always eventually go away within minutes. It is made to last long enough to see but disappear for continuous play time.

SO MUCH MORE TO COME please check back in when you can!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tons of fun stuff made today! Yay!

 I have accomplished a lot today! I actually thought I was being kinda lazy and look how much I got done! 

I finished not one but TWO thick heady DOG LEASHES!

One dog leash is ina longer tan twine style and a thicker. It has a longer style loop to that you can easily put it on your shoulder like a bag to keep your furry pal near by almost hands free. The other is a shorter black thick style, which also has a larger style loop for over the shoulder use!

My other projects tonight includeda custom Stealie painting, a thicker style hemp necklace, and a natural tone circle-lock size 8 fitted hat. 

 I'm on a ROLL! Hope to keep it up tomorrow! Gettin' stocked up for August festies.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

SHINE TIME! Fabric goodies coming your way!

This photo may be hard to see but I think I've figured it out! Check out this Shining FABRIC And they Aren't Stiff! This is a demo shining "handkerchief" But I think I can now also do Tapestries , t-shirts and SO MUCH MORE!So Coming Soon Tapestries and T-shirts! Make your Shining requests today!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Spinin' in Circles

I feel like it was a spinnin' in circles kinda night. I made a run to our local Ollie's Bargain Outlet with a coupon I had for 10% off! I was in need of some canvas, new markers , and a COMPASS!  Awesomely enough they had this nifty little "geometry" kit that had everything I needed! 

It included a protractor , ruler, a bunch of triangles , and a MECHANICAL compass  WOOO!

I spent ALL day studying ancient geometry and practicing with my compass! I grabbed an 11x14 canvas after some practice to see what I could do with a canvas rather than paper.

I managed to get enough good circles out to make this awesome rainbow flower of life design. Now tomorrow I shall try harder and tackle some more unique designs I have in mind!

Now chillax time. and do it again.

11x14 acrylic - Flower of life design. Rainbow Acrylic

2nd hat is now painted ! Yay!

After a few hours of concentration it is 2:52 in the a.m. and my 2nd hat is finished.... ahh accomplishment. 

NOW , it's chill time.

Then to rest up to rise tomorrow to make it shine!


The hat I just finished painting is a white flat bill. It is a fitted style size 7 1/2
The hat is originally white and was hang painted on the front and bill. Currently the "back" is splatter painted with black. 

The hat is neon painted and will soon be Black light activated! (For more info on this watch the SHINE video here) I will add it to the shop in the next few days. If interested at all please let me know. I will be working on a few other designs soon too. Hoping to raise enough to purchase Interlocken festival tickets before they are sold out. So please feel free to take a peak around in the shops to help donate to my much needed festy vacation fund as well as support my starving artist dreams.

All of you who take the time to peak around at all are what makes my day better. Thanks for your time!

Now enough late night rambling. I am going to go chillax.
Until next time,

Saturday, July 6, 2013

A package full of AWESOME!

My mailman musta loved me today I received 3 packages of awesome things! I received a box of awesome sun catchers from @Native rose crafts that I will be sharing with you one day soon!  The second one was boyfriends BIRTHDAY PRESENT! which I  think I was more excited for than he even was. Now he can record things with his guitars and I can hear him play them over and over, as if I didn't already have his soundtrack permently engraved in my daily life playlist haha. None the less it is super cool and I am glad to have helped him get something important to one of his talents as well.

Finally what I have been DYING to share is I also received a box of treasures from a very awesome lady named De niece. She sent me a  nice assortment of glass pendants and charm bracelets!

All she wanted in exchange was a simple trade. But I have some surprises in store for her! I will be working on something special for her and her crew for a special trip they will be taking in the near future! Check in next week to see what her package is!
With all these awesome new things in my craft bag I will have to get to work on some pretty new pieces. I can't wait to share them all with you soon. Please check back in from time to time to see what I've newly created.

Until next time,

Friday, July 5, 2013

The first Shantastic SHINEhat - It glows and is UV activated!

FINALLY after tons of requests, and mentions of a "hat" design or piece of "artwork" I finally made The first Shantastic Shine Sales Hat attempt. 

It is a flat bill size 7 1/4 fitted hat. The back is currently white but could be dyed/painted a solid color if requested.

Hats are handpainted by Shannon C.

HOWEVER, my next step WAS to make this bad boy or the next one GLOW/UV activated.... and guess what I DID! I can now creat ShineHats that react to the UV lasers like the Shantastic SHINE BOARDS. I am beyond excited to create a few more for the upcoming festivities I plan to attend. SHINEhats are handpainted by Shannon C. and one of a kind. They are then glazed in a thin coat of a special uv reactive paint to react with laser. These hats will glow for a few minutes in a dark place if left or worn in direct sunlight for long periods of time. This shouldn't effect the hat or design. It is based off of the same idea as the stars that children can put on their cielings to glow at night.

Now you can have your own person glow on the go!

What kind of hats would you like to see? Do you have any ideas or themes for me? I would love to hear some input. 

Oh! One more thing! Did I mention I finally CREATED A VIDEO of the Shantastic SHINE in action! 

You can check it out CLICK HERE 

The website gets a LAST FOR SURE makeover!

The official homepage for ShantasticShine got it's last MAKEOVER!  check it out HERE

It is easier to load and navigate! The store is being stocked as much as I can this weekend. It does already have the first official SHINE HAT in stock! Which I will be blogging about TOMORROW! So check back for more detail!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What is Etsy?

I'm updating things again! Starting with the ETSY SHOP. Are you looking to shop Shantastic Shine Sales but don't like to make "facebook transactions"? Don't forget you can also shop online via ETSY to get Shantastic Shine Creations. 

WHAT IS ETSY? I have tons of people ask me this as soon as I mention it. So don't worry you aren't the only one confused. But for me and millions of other Artists it is a better version of Ebay. 

Kinda like a Handmade Ebay. Where everything is vintage or handmade, or supplies to make something handmade. 

There are tons of awesome items on there not from just me but thousands of other shops. It provides a secure sale for people who aren't to internet savvy or up to date on the online shopping trends. That way if you need a refund , there is a third party there to secure it , not just a facebook message. 

So if you have a few moments take a peak. Warning though you may get lost for hours in awesome handmade items. 

I see nothing wrong with that though ;) Support your Artists friends. They need jobs too.

Click here to check it out

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Yay! New glasses and the Sun's a shinein!

New glasses. Finally, I can see! Oh and I went shopping! Summer Dress up time! Feels good to be able to show off a bit compared to a few summers ago. Feels much cooler too. Jeans and excessive t-shirts were not comfy glad I buckled down to make "the change". Cheers to a healthy lifestyle!

***...Summertime, and the livin's Easyy.