Saturday, December 20, 2014

Just a few more books! But they're so much fun!

I've been working away at the leather I've had in the studio for a while now and cranked out two more journals. These are a couple of my favorite so far! They already have planned homes and I can't wait for Christmas to get here to gift them.

I tried to make them manly for a couple of special teenage boys so I'm hoping they get used.

My intent for them is to be dream journals or angel journals for the boys to write in to help release some things on their mind.

Selomon has made me realize how truly important it is to keep a journal and I just think these are awesome little gifts. Totally hand made. Uses up materials I had on hand.

Materials used: Leather Scrap , cardstock paper and copy paper - multitone , embroidery thread  and a needle pretty much.

I used some color coordinated paper to help represent their favorite schools and teams.

These ones did take a little more poking at since the leather is thicker. I got my xacto knife out and poked some holes to help save some time.

Excited to make more to share with everyone.

Thanks for checking em out!

Feel free to pin me on Pinterest! <3

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Podcast # 20! And I got to host!

Podcast #20 Sacred Geometry Artist & Healer David…:

Artist  David diamondheart gives us his story explaining some unique sacred geometry symbols and his merkava activation where he was touched by an angel!

Tune into the end for a card reading by yours truly , and a tidbit from Nick Mielnicki and one of our weekly viewers has a chance to share her art as well.

New guests and topics weekly ! Check out our live podcasts every week on growing and expanding everyday in every way <3

Love and light , shine bright.

Shine time !

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Leather Bound Journals

Last Nights project. 

I've had some leather laying around. And been dying to make an attempt at some leather bound journals. Made a few more over the weekend that I gifted to some friends. They seem to be getting better each time!  I had to make a bound book in school once and never thought I'd enjoy putting pages together as much as I do. 

Wondering what the new owner will write among it's pages I personally hand cut and sewed together.

 I will be making more of these for angel messages and more.

I also have a friend or two that is amazing at book making so if you would like one... and I can't do it I'm sure I can find you someone who can. They can be fabric bound or card stock with decorative paper covers as well! 

If you'd like one please feel free to ask. I will be making em until I'm out of materials. They make perfect gifts for the holidays! I have a couple of days to priority ship if needed!

-Shantastic Shine

Saturday, December 13, 2014

New Website Launch! 12. 13. 14. ! Time for a new chapter. New beginnings .

Happy 12.13.14 everybody! All projects are FULL AGO!

I am happy to annouce that I am RE-LAUNCHING  my official webpage.(

With a new shop and services update and so much more!

You now have easy access to navigate my projects. SHOP in the shine shop where I currently have some awesome prints and a full set of chakra energy bracelets for you to choose from and will be adding 15 new items within the next week! JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS! I can overnight ship them :).

I am also running a campaign on Indigogo for my PAINT THE STATES PROJECT where I am trying to get a painting in every state!
Click here to take a peak or donate to the cause. <3 

I believe in divine numbers and 12.13.14. just felt like a special day. I come to find out Selomon too has his website ready to release! Feeling blessed, and proud of both of us! Take a peak at his new Wordpress here.

Now I am excited to start a new chapter. I finished my season of work for my "reality" job and now am about to take another spiritual journey , enjoy some nature, friends, possibly a reiki attunement and some more fun field life experiences!

I will be booking sessions and card readings Monday when I check back. I hope you all enjoy the new pages and if thats not enough for you peak around the PROJECT BRING ME TO LIFE webpage where we have been making some awesome updates as well. So many things happening.
Shine Time!  .

<3 Shantastic Shine!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Card Reading for today :) Positive things are happening

 This card is a sign that all good things are happening! As the boat floats towards the sunrise we are moving forward. Sailing full speed ahead.

This card comes to remind you that you do have something to move forward with! Are you an artisan? Maybe just a hard worker? A New Mommy or Daddy? Remember that the divine has given you these gifts for a reason. Things are changing as are the seasons. The number 8 always denotes infinite, or abundance, prosperity, and advancement of some sort. 

This is awesome! This card often comes forth to honor and recognize individuals who are in the field of arts, music, or education of sorts. When we follow and build on our passions, the soul can truly express itself and can then assist us to move closer toward your highest good.  An opportunity could suddenly come up with an offer for an apprenticeship. Notice if there are areas of passion that are trying to manifest into your world. When they arise , you'll have ample moments to share them with others.

Excited to move forward with you!

Shine forward!


Be specific when asking for help or manifesting!

So yesterday I wrote a quick post about this. But I really wanted to tell the story so here is a quck video blog on my Manifesting expierience from yesterday!


Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I asked my house elf and angels to help me find a green backpack I had been missing and worried about because I thought my tablet was in it and my art stuff and a cord I'm in need of.....
After asking all day even writing it down because I was getting slightly worried about my dearest things.... and then I stumbled upon my tablet! In a bag with a project I had been procrastinating on .... I guess if I would have worked on it I would have been a little less worried about my tablet.
Then being relieved that it was at least found I then opened a closet to find the book bag I had been oh so worried about.... hanging...completely empty.... Touche universe.... So where is my art stuff and cord?
Hmm if I give up to your obvious attempts to show me that I am asking for the wrong things ....will they to appear?
Lesson one : Be very clear on what you're looking for when talking to your guides...
Lesson two : They are smart asses but at least will answer so be aware.
.... Also strange fact.... Selo mysteriously doing a practice recording when I found my backpack... as if proof it really happened.
I feel like I live in a dream sometimes.

P.S. I think the house elf's name is Ralph..... Oh snap ? Maybe even Rapheal ? Thanks guys!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Card Reading For Project Bring me to Life Podcast October 7th - Angel Reading

Selo has asked me to do card reading for the podcast very week and this week I choose to use my angel deck.

You can listen to a clip from the live show above or you can read the reading by clicking HERE and checking it out on the PROJECT BRING ME TO LIFE website. 

Love and Light
-Shantastic Shine

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Shantastic Shine Video Blog intro

Finally got with the new age!

I will now be bringing you VIDEO Updates as well as written ones :D

Hopefully to stay more up to date!  I hate leaving people who actually care in the dark on my progress.

I love you all <3
-Shantastic Shine

Live Readings for Project Bring me to Life!

Selo Asked me to do a basic card reading for the Podcast. So I used my favorite deck. He then was able to cut the reading part out from the Live Recording so that I can share it with everyone too! So here is a voice clip from this week's Project Bring me to Life Podcast with a weekly reading by Me!
You can also check out more about this reading and more up to date readings BY CLICKING HERE and checking out the Project Bring me to Life Website.
Where we add new things EVERY Tuesday and host a LIVE podcast EVERY week at 8 P.M. est.

Shine on !
-Shantastic Shine

Monday, September 29, 2014

Merkaba Mondayy...Artworkk.

Been working on a lot of new linework designs. possibly for my coloring books in the future but right now I will be making print of some to sell and trade.  The first one was inspired by my attunement process and I have also created another set to go with it to switch out in either direction to have two males transforming or two females or just a different male and female combo.

The horse is part of my spirit guides series .

 Heartful Thoughts isn't merkaba based but is a quicker linework piece I did to represent following your heart instead of your intuition. The Heart is also depicted backwards to represent a reflection of thought.

If interested in prints of any of these designs please feel free to let me know :) I would be happy to ship you one or get you a copy of the series for a nice deal <3

Simply trying to get some new designs out there.

Thanks for being an inspiration and motivation.
Love and Light
- Shantastic Shine.

Friday, September 26, 2014

So this reiki attunement. ..

This attunement so far has been one heck of a ride! I'm so glad to have Selo here by my side. He's went through it with me day by day. Not that he ended up with much choice but he's welcomed it anyway!
Each day we get a little moodier.  We battle a little bit more of our old programming and work together to grow both emotionally and spiritually, sort of even mentally and physically. 
I couldn't have asked for a better person to go through such an important event in a healers life with.  When he puts his mind to it he is driven and determined and I am so proud of his Project- Bring me to life.
But one thing this attunement has done for me is reconnected me to my love of my own art. Pushing me to create more and want to be stuck in my art. So far I've tried to do just that.  So here's a peak of what I've been up too.  <3 they're all parts of series a couple different ones. But I must say it feels so good to be getting some creativity out.
Feedback is also welcome as always. What would you guys like to see me create?
I'll add it to my list of things to do when I'm up late.
But for now I need to go work on some more art. I've got coloring books to finish and frames to fill.
Thanks for checking it all out.
Love and light

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Project Bring Me to Life Podcast Intro!!

I have been M.I.A. again!I apologize! It's kinda hard for me to keep
this thing going in written form with SO MUCH AWESOME HAPPENING!

starters I have been doing MAJOR work with Selomon to get PROJECT BRING
ME TO LIFE up and going full speed ahead! He's been so focused and
there has been A LOT of response to this project and that is just so

He even created this amazing intro video and
included all his current guests ! I think it's an awesome little idea to
what is to come.

Please watch it and give it a like and a share! Remember Sharing is caring so show us that you care :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Reiki Attunements!

September 2014

Reiki Attunements!

    This month I have decided to  jump start my journey to being a healer with Selomon from @ Project Bring me to Life. We took our Reiki 1 class and received our certificates and first attunements on Sept 16th. We are making our way through our 21 day journey of enlightenment and conquering our fears, welcoming our strengths, and comforting each other while working hard at both of our projects.
     I am excited to say that this journey has indeed manifested a HUGE creative spark in me and I have been working hard at some not only new products and projects but many new illustrations for my coloring books I am determined to create by the end of the year.
I would like to thank any and all of you that take time to check out my page and hope that there is always something that you are interested in checking out. I  will be updating more and adding more items to the shop soon but bare with me as my life is taking some interesting changes  emotionally , physically, mentally, and creatively.

If you are looking for more information about spiritually awakening topics PLEASE check out Project Bring me to Life where I am also now an Editor and will be writing on topics to help inform society about much needed information such as Reiki, chakras, sacred geometry, and so much more. So many things are happening! Thank you for being a part of my world. <3

Friday, September 12, 2014

Todays Card Pull :)

Time to Start Daydreaming Friends... and Make some decisions on what to do next!
Daydreams & Decisions have appeared. 
When this card appears, it often means that there's a certain amount of confusion and uncertainty regarding your love life.  What is it that you really desire? What would you like to change or attract? You have many options in front of you, if you will only see them. Do some daydreaming about possible futures. Have fun. It's through your fantasies and imagination that you transform your desires into reality. Once you've sorted out your options and played around with the possibilities, it's time for action. While it's pleasant to daydream, staying in fantasy land" is not wise. Take your time, but eventually decisions will have to be made in order for you to move forward. Reflect on your wishes, decide which feel right, and choose a course of action. You'll feel powerful for having made the decision and will be on your way to manifesting change.  Be the change. YOU make the decision to move forward in your life. The Divine and angels will be you guide but they can only help you if you let them.

Love and Light Remember to Shine Bright

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Your Daily Card Pull - From the Angels today :)

Today's Card read comes from my Angel Messages deck. It seems to be bringing us new situations.  As the Knight of Fire rushes to our rescue after a interesting beginning of the week.
Often when the Knight of Fire appears a significant situation now requires your immediate and full attention. While time is of the essence it is important to avoid making rash decisions at this time. Enthusiasm and self-assertiveness are wonderful, so long as they aren't separated from wisdom and caution.

When this card represents a person  rather than a situation coming into your life : It is often person who's passionate about anything he or she takes on.  A take-charge individual who moves quickly , with confidence and certainty on behalf of loved ones or beloved causes. This person is often fearless and loyal as well as charismatic. They are also Self-assured, adventurous, restless, possibly impatient or insistent when it comes to having his or her way. 

Additional Meaning of this card : A sudden or passionate love affair. Business travel. A change of residence. An emergency.

:) The angels have spoken and now it's time to welcome new things or become the person you wish to be.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

HUMP DAYYY and heres some positivity. Card Reading of the day

Finally Some Positivity guys and gals. The Moon is now starting to drain it's fullness and things are HAPPENING! Beautiful things and our Cards agree!

Today's pull is from my Psychic Oracle Deck * The Universe Blue Box* and it gives us a bit of a brighter message to turn our week around on Hump Day!

So Here's to Positive Movement Forward!

This card is a sign that all good things will come in time. As the boat floats towards the Sunrise of a new time. Sailing full speed ahead. This card comes to remind you that you do have something to move forward with! Are you an artisan? Maybe just a hard worker? A New Mommy or Daddy? Remember that the divine has given you these gifts for a reason. Things are changing as are the seasons. The number 8 always denotes infinite, or abundance, prosperity , and advancement of some sort. Good for you! This card often comes forth to honor and recognize individuals who are in the field of arts, music, or education of sorts. When you follow and build on our passion, the soul can truly express itself and can then assist you to move closer toward your highest good.  An opportunity could suddenly come up with an offer for an apprenticeship. Notice if there are areas of passion that are trying to manifest into your world. When they arise , you'll have ample moments to share them with others.

So shine on my friends and let the positivity begin.
I hope yall remember to put your crystals out in the moonlight.  Though you can let them keep charging yet tonight I would suggest if you're still feeling kind of down slowly bring some in and make yourselves a grid putting as much positive energy in it as you can and draw it in for the upcoming weekend :) Then enjoy yourself. While the weather is still nice.

Shine On Always

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Full moon card pull.

BEFORE i start with the card pull i would like to remind everyone that i will be LIVE tonight at 8 p.m. est on PROJECT BRING ME TO LIFE'S 2ND LIVE PODCAST. We are giving away free things as well as a wzclusive coupon discount for viewers. So please support us and check it out and share with friends !

Now today's card pull... kinda goes right along with yesterday's . Don't fear though this Full moon is effecting us all. Remember to build yourself up with the moonlight and accept a positive change. Because The sadness and isolation card has appeared and it's time to De isolate yourself and climb out of that hole you've so desperately wanted to hide in. Let your wings fly free and what is coming shall be.

When this appears remember that love can bring both joy and sorrow. When disappointment enters your life, it's important to acknowledge the accompanying sadness and feelings of loss. However , it's equally vital not to a dwell on the loss. The temptation may be to isolate your self from the world and cling to your grief. This card is a reminder to trust that this situation ( ad hard as it may seem) is to be in your best interest. It's time to gently let go of the sorrow and disappointments. Open up like the image and embrace your full light and potential. Sorrow can only hold you back if you let it. It could however elevate you to new levels of understanding if you allow it to as wwll. Focusing on your sadness and loss will prevent you from attracting new, positive energy around your relationships; so it's time to turn your disappointment into hope for the situation. Move beyond despair into healing and joyful love. Let go and move on. You have more powerful spiritual forces helping you than you could ever imagine. Ask them for guidance in this time. You deserve to shine.

Also remember that tonight is the Full moon ,  super moon at that. Make sure to put any crystals you have out for cleansing and remember that emotions may be flaring and some if not all people act differently at this time. Things are changing . Accept them with positivity you are what you put out.

Love and light on your daily fight.
Much love
- Shantastic Shine.

Monday, September 8, 2014

A Double Card Pull for the Full Moon

So yesterday I got caught up in a Photo-session in the early A.M. with two of the coolest kids at the playground. Who doesn't love playing with kiddos on the playground for work? I must say I had a blast!  However, I was so distracted, I didn't get to do a daily card pull. Which seems okay. I may now be doing pulls mostly on weekdays and as much on weekends as I can. So don't think I totally forgot you all sometimes I'm just so on the go. If you need an immediate pull feel free to contact me on those days I forget.

That being said! It's MONDAY, and the FULL MOON HAS ARRIVED! Remember that not only do you need to place your crystals outside for clensing and re-energizing but peoples emotions are also all over the place ( whether or not they admit the Moon has anything to do with it , it is proven that bodies and emotions tend to flare with difference at this time when the moon is oh so bright because it is harder for them to hide in the light from their insecurities, everything tends to come out. )

Which leads me to today's card reading.  I did a double pull to catch up from yesterday especially after pulling the original daily card.  For my double pull I used TWO decks. Both of my Doreen Virtue  Angel Decks.

So Here Goes : The first deck I pulled from was my original Angel Deck. Where the Three of Air has appeared.

It says you may be feeling some great sadness at this time. Please take some time for yourself today and heal.  Has something happened to you over the weekend that needs released? Is the moon effecting your mood and those around you? Remember that by healing yourself you will then be able to help heal and release others negative energy.  What is making you sad? This may be a current situation, or something from your past that has lingered and continues to distress you . Trust that the sadness will pass and you'll eventually see this situation's purpose in your life. Takes time to heal. Release painful memories and move bravely forward. 

Forgiveness is a powerful healer. Don't hold on to the energy of the past disappointments or conflict. Remember to forgive yourself for choices you might wish you'd  made differently. You did the best you could at the time, and allow yourself to move on. 

Additional Meanings of this card are : A Misunderstanding, Loneliness, Relationship concerns, Painful revelations of a situation. 

Pulling that card made me feel as if you all may need some guidance from the Angels if this is happening to you in your life. So I then pulled out my Angel Therapy Deck ( also by Doreen Virtue) I often only use this deck by request or in times guidance from above is needed. Doreen Virtues decks work very well together and are made to be used intertwined for readings so if you would like me to use both on your next Angel Card reading please don't be afraid to ask I often just try to keep it simple when starting a read for someone for the first time. ANYWAYS! I pulled a second card and it went with the first one OH SO WELL!  

The Angels say it's time to release and Clear yourself. ( Which if you are sad as the first card suggests it truly is time to rid that negativity and move forward.) Ask the angels for help in releasing any toxic energies that you may have absorbed. This card comes to you because the angels see that you're carrying some lower energies. Because of your high sensitivity and compassion, you may have absorbed this negativity from other people's fears. These toxic energies may have also sprung from your own past fears. Regardless of their material source, your angels want to help you clear your energy field. It's a good idea to ask for angelic clearing whenever you've seem to experience harsh situations where there is arguing, intense competition , violence, or substance abuse occurring. Though they are usually already there sometimes they need your permission to interfere you must be willing to accept their help and guidance. As a sensitive lightworker , you sometimes may be unwittingly carrying others' painful energy in a well-intentioned desire to be helpful. But instead please ask for the angels shoulder to cry on with this pain for now on, as they're equipped to handle the toxicity of negativity without harming themselves. Are you Ready to Clear? The angels have sent these action steps to guide you. 

Try doing this :
Sit down  (or lye down comfortably) so that your back isn't touching any surface (so if lying,  they advise to lay on your stomach ,) or lean forward in your chair. Then breathe deeply and say , either silently or out loud : 

"Archangel Michael, I call upon you now. Please use your Divine healing magnet to lift any energies of fear, anger , or jealousy, from my back, neck , and shoulders. Please help me feel compassion for those that may have sent lower energies my way so that they may to be healed with me by the Divine love of all that is. Thank you for clearing away toxic, fear based energies and entities from within an around me. "
With all of that information it is now time to start off your week with a clear mind. Please allow yourself to release any negativity of any kind. This is your reality and you deserive to shine. ALL THE TIME. <3 I send you all as much love and light as I can spare to show each and every one of you that someone out there does indeed care.

Be the light in your world even if it seems dark. Let the moon help cleanse you as well of an insecurities you may have. The angels are with you. They are all around you. They are indeed here. <3

Love and Light my friends.
-Shantastic Shine

P.S. I am still doing personal readings. I am taking 10 a week and it may take me a few days to get them to you as I MUST be in the right state of mind to do them properly for the divine guidance to come through. But feel free to contact me or check out more info on my website. :

Friday, September 5, 2014

Today's daily Card Pull.

Today's pull is from the Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck - John Holland ( My blue box)