Saturday, July 21, 2012

Crayon Art - Support

I started creating a lot of CRAYON ART today :) here are some photos.... now one of these may be a  bit of a controversy but :) I want my Gay friends , fans , and followers to know that I support them as well. Your decision is to be left with you and not someone who it is not bothering. I wish you all to be happy. I created these in support of one of my BEST friends who has supported me through everything. :) He is the best and I respect his decision to be with whom he pleases. 

(These are Crayon Art melted to 8x10 canvas. These are $15.00. For larger requests feel free to contact me :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Teaching,... what an awesome thing :)

Sorry I haven't been updating as frequently as I should be just yet. Getting everything started with the my ShantasticSales Etsy Page,and ShantasticSales Artfire Store :) and all the new items has been a little hectic. Oh, and did I mention my boyfriends 25th birthday is tomorrow? Plus I got to teach yesterday! Talk about busy , that's not even half of it but I won't bore you with my schedule. It's not that I mind it. I enjoy the help and growth that has been falling into place these past few weeks. I want to take a moment to say a special thanks to all of my returning customers and supporting friends and family. :) Oh and just real quick before I babble to long and loose most of you, you can now reach this page at    I may be changing the layout and such a bit while I finish the branding and all the new changes.....

Now on to my main topic.

Yesterday, I got to go do a teaching at Allegany College of Maryland with one of my favorite art teachers. (Check her art out here!) We made hemp style bracelets...well it started out as bracelets and turned into anklets or  keychains since she forgot to tell me there were more guys than girls in her class. So I came up with a quick fix for anyone who didn't need a bracelet.

This is not my personal tutorial or video but
very helpful at getting you started. :) I found it on Pinterst
I really wish I would have thought to have someone snap some pictures for my blogs to share. However since I didn't I wanted to share a blog I found and used as a tutorial for some of the bracelets.

Here is a link to the page I found on pinterest. She also has many awesome D.I.Y videos :)

Please share any bracelets you make I love seeing every ones ideas and creations. That was my favorite part of teaching seeing all the students ( some younger than me some older than me) leaving with finished pieces they were pretty proud of.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Flower Power Hair Accessories!

Shantastic Flower Power Headbands - Thinner StyleWell anyone willing to read it is time for my first official tutorial at least for this blog :) This is a photo of one of my Shantastic Flower Power Headbands.... and what I would like to make with you since it is pretty simple.
Plus, many crafters have all the materials they need stashed somewhere!:)

Haha by the way.....Meet Prudence! She's my creepy little mannequin twin that I will dress up from time to time in attempts at getting some good photos I apologize if she creeps you out a bit.... she kinda bothered me at first to. 
Prudence!- Shantastic Official Creepy Mannaquin face hehe

Anyways, I decided to share an easy step by step for what would be - awesome- for craft parties or rainy day project with some little girls, however I used hot glue if little ones are doing it a different glue type is recommended because I burn myself frequently when using one and I should be a pro by now lol.
Shantastic Flower Power Headbands - Thicker Style

Hair Accessories - ( New or recycled from old hair clips and ties)
Hot glue gun and glue sticks of course
Buttons or embellishments
 and Felt
(preferably die cut into flowers I used a Sizzex and cut about a million one day at my grams. Otherwise you can click here for a free stencils you could make from cardboard and cut the flowers if you have the patience.... sometimes this is good for little ones if you trust them with the scissors because it keeps them busy for a long time. Also, many craft stores have tubs of random felt shapes already cut out and sticky for childrens crafts. I haven't seen one recently ( of course now that I want them) but I distinctly remember a tub of very awesome colored felt flowers from A.C. Moore but now I can't find them but raandom felt scraps and remnants from other projects could work just as well! Or any fabric really the options are endless!

Here is an example of a large flower.

I just simple took the multiple flowers and layered them on top of each other.... and hot glued them to give it some depth and texture. 

I then glued a button or ribbon to the center with a hot glue gun.... I have also made many by sewing the buttons through the layers, as well as used felt /fabric glue. Hot glue is still the best I've found despite the burning of  fingers through the process. Just please be careful! I am just clumsy

I then place a big dab of glue on the back of the dried flower stack and attach a hair accessorie of choice.

 Now I like to add a nice finish with a smaller flower on the back for support and to cover the glued parts so it's not so messy looking.

Let dry and try them on!!! Make a pair for every outfit...and if you don't want to that's fine stop on over to my ETSY SHOP- SHANTASTIC SALES-  and order one in any way you'd like.... or order a bunch :) I don't mind. I will be posting more sets and styles soon when I get some more glue sticks!

 I have so many colors of felt any color combo is possible :) Please feel free to contact me if you'd like me to make you a bunch for an event. I have a family who will soon be receiving 20 in matching colors for a reunion of the ladies :) I can't wait to get the photos I was promised with them all wearing them together :) I love the support and hope to see many of you sporting some Flower Power hair accessories of your own! Feel free to message me some photos of ideas you have come up with. :)

Oh and one more thing.....Here are some photos of the other hair CLIPS that I helped reconstruct... I had a friend from work get a few of the Shantastic Flower Power bands  for her little friend Emmers but she happens to dis like headbands like a lot of other little girls I know... so I got to play craft doctor and turn all her hair bands into hair clips :) Now she will be able to wear them comfortably and be as cuter than everr :)

It's so easy to reconstruct some hair pieces to more wearable all new designs. :) Have fun with it. Keep craftin'

Monday, July 9, 2012

Hey there

Hey there while trying to get my blog going I would like to help some others out as well in return for some shares or banners trade. :) If you have items you'd like promoted or would like to do a swap and critique Please feel free to message me :)
Or maybe you could add me on facebook :) I have links located everywhere around the blog so feel free to click around a bit. :) I need some new Etsy friends! :( I have yet to make a sale since I finally really got the shop going. Artfire may be the way to go for now.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Here are some items!

Cotton Candy Colored Earrings
Cotton Candy Inspired Earrings
Pink, turquoise, and yellow beaded earrings with silver accent.
Original Price $10.00
Heat Wave Sale this week only
Smiley Mood Rings
Smiley Moods- Mood Rings with a twist!
Buy them as a set or individually.
Silver wire Please Request a Size.
Original 6 PC. SET PRICE $50.00
Heatwave Sale.

Shantastic Sales (@Shantastic Sales)Has officially posted the big HEATWAVE sale.

I have been working away at tons of new items. The heatwave sale is finally posted on the FACEBOOK

Feel free to share the pages and items with your friends. Many more items to come for the summer series but enjoy the heatwave sale. Once posted to the Etsy and Artfire they will be going full price.

Feel free to message me or contact me for a Paypal option or mailing address for a check or money order.

 Star Set Heatwave Sale
T-shirt Chain Star Set. Dark Silver Chain and Findings Clasps.
Get this whole set for a deal price! All new Shantastic Design.
T-shirt and Chains. Dark Silver chain with Pink T-shirt and Star Accents
Set Comes with Necklace, Earrings, and Ring.
Gift Box included if requested.
Now off to work on tutorials and things for next week! Enjoy your comfy computer chair and peak around my shop :)  Or help out by Pinning a few of your favorites to your Styles on Pinterest . Help me spread the word!

OH! One more thing before I run off. I forgot to mention.... If you share a link to my HEATWAVE SALES album on facebook.... Message me or contact me and make an order of ANYTHING and get a free ~Scrappy Chain~ (Keychain made from awesome random hemps and beads) with your purchase for helping out! :) 

Here's one of my red ones :)

- Share a photo from the Heatwave sale and message me to order something this week and get a free ~Scrappy Keychain~ with your purchase :)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sales Comin' Your Way!

Shantastic Sales (@Shantastic Sales) Is going to be having a HUGE heatwave sale this week. Due to being stuck inside and making TONS of jewelry in the only room I have A.C. to do so in I will be having a sale to show off some of my new ideas and items and awesome things that have come in. I am also trying to promote my new BLOG  which you have landed yourself on :) And by the way thanks for reading! ..... However, this is where I will soon be posting Tutorials, videos, tips and tricks, and other crafty ideas to share :) Please keep a look out for the new items and Heatwave Sale!

Thursday, July 5, 2012


:) Hello everyone hope your fourth wasn't all rained out like mine was. :( I didn't get to see fireworks or anything cause I'm to pansy to go out in the rain. BUT ANYWAY :) The winners of the contest are......

_boom boom boom chacha bang!_

Winners are Tikki Harding , Melissa Blubaugh, and AngelnBrian Garlitz
Please PM for an address to ship to or a good time to deliver :) and if you have a color choice... *the clear ones the smallest, then red, then blue.
the red one fits me so it is around a size 8)

The magic number was 19 :) Thanks for playing!

 And the lucky number is : 19

This is an automated post so I will soon post the winner when I get a chance to figure out who won myself :) I will then contact for a way to ship or get you the Independence Ring :)

Thanks for playing and checking out my stuff :) Hope you had a happy Fourth of July.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012



:) I will be giving away three rings in support of 4th of July Holiday. To be entered to win please just help by sharing this page in someway with friends and family. Weather it be Via Facebook Shares.... Pinterest.... Etsy..... Google + or more.

Follow these steps :

Step number 4 is most important....... to keep this fair.... I'm going to auto schedule a blog post for midnight to post my mysterious number....... the three closest to the number or that guess the number itself will win one of the three Independence Rings .

:) Share away... there are links to all of my pages to the left and right of this post.... just take some time to look through some things to! Once you share with your friends.... you can peak around at all the goodies..... Don't be afraid to share with friends.... the more people I reach the more fun we can have with future giveaways :)

Wall of Fame Display downtown!

For those of you in my hometown :) try taking a stroll on the mall in Downtown Cumberland.  I am now displaying my "Wall of Fame" and "Colors of the Trees" exhibits at the Culinaire' Cafe' . They will be there for at least the summer semester, maybe for the fall depending if they sell and until the staff gets sick of seeing them and me. :P

It is a nice cozy little venue' in the downtown area. The staff was so nice as I hung my paintings all the students "Ohh'd" and "Ahh'd" at my work along with some of the owners. It was such an awesome experience !

Please feel free to go take a look. Ten percent of my profits will be going to the cafe', however if I could sell nearly all of them I would like to donate a little more for their help in spreading the art.


Here are some photos :)
Please feel free to pin them, Share them with your friends and family, and to contact me if interested in getting your own piece of art. :) All items are for sale currently and more can be created with time.
Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix :)
Marley Lion
Marley Lion
John Lennon


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Handmade Earrings

earrings by shantastic sales

New handmade earrings. I love these things. They are the perfect little gift and everyone loves them! I can make hem in so many styles and nearly every girl I know has their ears pierced now!

I use hypo allergenic findings to keep from the * My ears are sensitive* problems I ear ever so go ahead and try on a pair. :) Here are a few I've posted online: * There are way more on facebook so head on over there and add me there too. :) the more the merrier.... I'm sure you have all these new social networks too.....put them to some good use :) Make friends ....see new things... enjoy :)*

On my Right side bar there should also be a link to my Etsy store and Artfire store where earrings are easily purchasable :)

earrings on etsy by Shantastic Sales

earrings by shantastic sales on etsy

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Sea horses from the Sea Shore.... Okay not really but they are cool!

Murano Glass Seahorse Pendants new July 2012

seahorse:) These little buddies washed in recently  :) Multi color glass sea horse pendants. All of which need homes.

Feel free to check out my face-book or comment me if interested in getting a custom necklace or key-chain made with one of them :)

*Click the Photo of me to go to Shantastic Sales Facebook today* or CLICK HERE

seahorse                 seahorse

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Necklaces - $12-$15.00 Pendant $4 Follow Me on Pinterest

First Summer Photo shoot!

One evening last week I headed over to the gap to take a photo shoot of two of the cutest models I ever could have asked for. They were very well behaved for their age and co-operative too! They didn’t mind the camera, and little Eli was pretty fascinated with the toys I brought for him to play with. Except the bubbles…mommy thought they may get a little out of hand…so we went for the sand instead!

For more photos check out my page for SHANTASTIC INK PHOTOGRAPHY  

I display new photoshoots and specials so feel free to check it all out and add it to your facebook pages :)


grandmas trail