Thursday, February 28, 2013

Looking for some insight.... Supplies and new items

Hey there , I'm trying to keep more updated  since I have been getting some awesome new customers and insight via all my different social networks.  I have been working on some fun projects and now am wanting to order some fun new supplies to bring you pretty new things!

Here's my current shopping dilemma  It's one for my "dead heads".

 I am ordering a few of these for the season and need to know who may be interested so I can place the order. The guy I am ordering my glass from is leaving the country after next week so I really need to know asap.

Necklaces would be $25 How ever you would like the hemp/beads/ect . I know I am getting a few at least for a order that has already been placed. However I'm only planning on making one order of these for now.

I can also get dancing bears in a few different colors these come in red green blue and purple I believe...

Please like , comment, or message me so I have an idea. Color choices would be appreciated so I know what's wanted.

NEXT Shopping dilemma.....

I am REALLY wanting to order some awesome MULTI colored Dyed hemp. I have been working with some heady Rasta hemp I scored last season when Manitoba District quit selling their hemp jewelry. Since I've had it i've made quite a few very unique pieces. My all time favorite being this sick "Heady Rasta Lanyard" I made last night... I posted it about halfway through ( I just couldn't wait , and since I was keeping my very excited customer updated I figured I'd go ahead and sneak peak it on the blog HERE)

But here is the finished project that has officially been shipped his way:


I can't let anyone have one exactly like this one because I would like to make each one a little different. These beads were meant to be his. I had them in my collection for over five years and I decided that they needed to be used for something like this, and low and behold they were PERFECT match for the items he wanted to hang from the lanyard.

So now I am wondering which color mixtures to purchase for my new projects? What colors do you guys want to see? Insight is awesome.... So please feel free to chat with me.

What are your favorites? I would love to make some awesome new colorful things! I currently have the Rasta and I believe Brown Earth.... and I love them both.

I'll leave it at that for now. What projects are you looking forward too? I am just getting all kinds of excited for fest season.

Hope to get some info.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Awesome Heady Lanyard for a Custom Order.

This has been my project for the night. A heady lanyard for a custom rig attachment request via my Etsy shop!

 I'm pumped it's turning out very awesome. It will be a one of a kind sorry guys but defiantly use it for some inspiration for your own design. I'm making it so they are attachable to the E-cigs soon :D Whose excited? This girl!

Check out my etsy shop here:

Please feel free to contact me for a custom order :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Finally a Painting update!

It's been so long since I got to do an update on some artwork. It may be because I haven't felt very artistically motivated. I think cold weather slows down my creativity. I truley can't wait until I can open the windows and enjoy th pretty weather and paint away in the studio!

However until then I still needed to do something. This was a piece I had been scratching my head at. I wanted to do a simple portrait style with color tones in the background. I had this canvas I went to down with my favorite shades of blue. I then started to see where the previous portrait idea shown through.

Boyfriend was a bit skeptical on the idea. I still don't think it's one of his favorites. He says it reminds him of a creepy avatar..... I never really got into avatar so I guess maybe since she's blue and they are too? 

      Anyways she has been christened as  "Tarra Sees"   and she is now on display in the Allegany College of Maryland Cumberland campus gallery. A long with about a dozen of my other favorite pieces.  All are for sale.  If you are in the Cumberland Area, or a AC student please take a moment to peak in if you would. :) 

Monday, February 25, 2013

A Few Things I have been working on.

Been a bit under the Weather here are some new pieces I worked on over the past few days :) They are all available in the Etsy Shop now :)



These here are a new style of Charm Bracelets I am working on. They can also be used as anklets because they are Tie- Ons that can fit generally anyone.


I wanted to give my customers an option instead of picking the charm for them. ;) Here are a few other charms I have. These are available while supplies last. Contact me for inventory information if needed for bulk orders.


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hempin it up through this cold!

I have been stuck in bed due to a nasty sinus infection that is making me have a throbbing headache. However I am not letting it keep me from my love of crafts<3.

Here are
couple of hemp necklaces  I managed to finish.:)
The above necklace features a blown glass Pendant created in Terra Alta, West Virgina by BSC BORO a creator of very awesome glass work. Check him out for sure! Tell him Shantastic sent you :)

 This piece features a leaf style glass pendant. The necklace is made with double wrapped hemp macrame and wooden beads. Was created with more basic style intended for guy or girl use.

for custom pieces please feel free to CONTACT ME or add me on Facebook where I have albums full of even more handmade jewelry as well as supply and accessorie options.

- Happy Crafting

P.S. I hope everyone else with the nasty cold that is going around feels better soon! I truly feel your pain.

Monday, February 18, 2013

I LOVE happy Customers :D

I love when my customers are happy! Feedback is always VERY important to me, good or bad. I need to know how I am doing. It helps me perform better and keep a reality check on my work.

I was so happy to recieve these happy customer remarks just this month! It has been awesome I can't wait to fill more orders and make more people happy. You all mean the world to me.


They also left this comment in the feedback section:

This was from another happy customer and long lost friend who moved to good ol' Alabama!

Yes ladies, and gentlemen shopping SHANTASTIC is really THAT easy!

So take a peak through our products on FACEBOOK ( Add me of course)  or Shop via Etsy and if you have ANY questions please feel free to message me!

Have an AWESOME Monday everyone , what's left of it at least.

Today I did it.... Artfire will no longer be a part of Shantastic.

I have been debating the cancellation of my Artfire account for a long time, pretty much since I opened it.

I will try not to say terrible things about it because it truly may be a good service for some people, just not for me.  

I signed up when introduced by a friend who thought it may be the best way to go seeing as etsy had been raising their prices and changing things up back when I started looking at places to go. Well when I signed up they said I would have a $7 a month deal.... which somehow turned into $12 and then $15... and I wasn't doing, OR SELLING anything.   Then I slowly started receiving complaints about how customers couldn't check out or finish purchasing items.

I was starting to get discouraged.  I still kinda am with the Artfire interface. I haven't sold and item inm y Artfire shop in months nor received any feedback or interactions. It seems I may just not be able to grow on Artfire so I will now be doing my business through Etsy , Facebook, and soon my own ShantasticShop ( possibly through Shoplocket? hmmm maybe)

 So for now it's

Thursday, February 14, 2013



I did a giveaway on my  Facebook page I meant to post an update for anyone following here but it seems my feed didn't update in time.   So I guess that was a special Valentine for my Facebook Followers <3 So be sure to add me so you don't miss the next freebie!

I gave away these three bracelets:
I hope all of you have a good Valentines Taken or not! If you are single enjoy a day for yourself and spoil yourself a little extra ;)

As for me I'm not doing anything too special. Boyfrienddd and I have a long trip tomorrow to take care of some long overdue priorities that will mean He can be my personal driver again ;) That shall be a big gift all in its own!   However I did do a little something for him :P

I surprised him with with a few of his own awesome Personalized Guitar Picks from Six Shooter Leather! They are AWESOME!  I will do a bigger post on them very soon! Until then enjoy the Love day.... or at least save up for the candy that shall be on sale tomorrow!!
haha So Since I had to do the "gifting" this year for V-day I got a big
bag of Reese's to SHARE so I did indeed leave him a reminder to not eat
them ALL as soon as he could lol. The card was a bit last minute since I had to do it while he was sleeping I had been a bit busy >.< ah the life of a full time Crafter!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines 9,10,11,12,13 Pinterest Finds

I got a little behind on my Valentines so today I wanted to share a few D.I.Y.'s for you to play with.

I got pinterest crazy and found these awesome ideas to share:

Idea number 9

I thought these Valentines were awesome! Sadly they didn't have a correct working link from pinterest to give credit to :(

Pinned Image

Idea number10  Decoration:
 Pinned Image

I wish I had little ones to make awesome decorations with, or for. Sadly it's just me , sometimes Boyfriend, and the furballs (who can't see decorations really anyway)   so it kinda takes the fun away from decorating for little holidays. I added the link for the heart garland from Glorious Treats so feel free to check it out if you do have someone fun to decorate for or with!
Idea number 11 Awesome Wreath, I wish I had
This wreath is so cute! I wish I had one to display on my door! Over at Little Birdie Secrets she shares how she made it all her own! I wish I had the patience my 2013 was a bit to busy for that.
Idea number 12 - Valentines Clip Art Valentines
Clip art Valentines they are adorable.

and Idea number 13  

Super cute conversation hearts with family names painted on them. love this idea! Valentine decoration
the Peanut Paint Shop

I want one of these! this I would put up but I couldn't  find the hearts on sale anywhere this year! I will be on the look out though for sure! 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

14 Shantastic Valentines..... Day 8 Beaded Chain Bracelets

These beaded word chain bracelets bracelets are cute and fun. They can be custom made or purchased as photographed. I also have more on my facebook page. 

The "Be Mine" one would be perfect for a secret Valentine. I wish I had more guys that read my blog. I have such easy cute little ways for them to tell a girl they like them. 

 If you would like to purchase one you can do so easily via this link .  

or E-mail me letting me know which saying you would like and I will get back to you on more details.


Here are the word beads I have for custom orders: 

 Oh and I also wanted to share with you the photo of charms I currently have for custom orders :) Take a peak and if you are interested let me know I will make you something special!
Click here to see an updated album of charms and pendants for custom jewelry :) Feel free to add me on Facebook to talk about a custom order.



14 Days of Valentines.... Day 7..... Couples Photo Shoot?


 I recently just got to do an AWESOME engagement photoshoot for my business Shantastic Ink Photography with my new Nikon D3100. 
This couple was lots of fun to do photos for, they photographed so good together.  With the help of boyfreinddd (aka my awesome photo assistant) we captured some fun shots of them.

 It was awesome that we got JUST enough snow for it to lay pretty in some of their photos. They got engaged on Christmas Eve which for our area had a decent snow fall . It helped recreate the scenery a bit better than the ugly muddy ground of the previous weather would have.

I always wanted to do a photo like this. I thought it was such a cute idea. Glad she thought so too. Turned out pretty cute :)

The other fun thing about this location was that on one side of the tracks was His hometown and the other was Her hometown so in a way we caught a  little piece of both their homes in one little location :) All in all it was tons of fun.   

If you need something fun to do with your loved one or your family this Valentines day instead of going out and getting bunches of candy, call your local favorite photographer friend and book a photo session to capture your memories today.   Or you can always call me or contact me for Shantastic Ink Photography to capture your photos! I will gladly do what I can to make that happen.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

14 Valentines .... Day 6...Chrysalisjewelry

Today I am featuring another crafty ladies handy work. Ms. Melissa  I think it is very beautiful and elegant. Not to mention it must have been some tedious hours linking all those little O rings together.

I am glad to feature her item on Shantastic!.... She has become a very awesome Shantastic supporter on both Facebook and Twitter. So it's nice to return the favor and share her awesome work as well!
( Not to mention I love that HUGE pink diamond... reminds me of my logo lol!)

This is what she says about her piece:

"7 inch "Pink Passion" Olivia Weave Chainmaille Bracelet

"Pink is such a feminine color. This bracelet has pretty pink links and can add a little passion to any outfit. This Olivia weave bracelet has aluminum and pink anodized aluminum rings. The Olivia weave is a modified Byzantine weave. This bracelet is seven inches long and has a tube clasp. This bracelet is hand woven in my jewelry studio. I used aluminum and colored anodized aluminum jump rings to weave this bracelet.

This bracelet will go great with many different looks. It can be dressed up or dressed down, but regardless, this is a unique bracelet. It will look fabulous on your wrist!

Need a bracelet smaller or larger than a seven inches? I will adjust up or down an inch at no charge. Please contact me; custom orders are always welcome :). Thanks for looking! I am a Self-Representing Artist Jewelry Designer and my member number is 3352,."

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

14 Days of Valentines... Day 5...... Love Knot Rings

It's february 5th, and Valentines day just keeps creeping up on us!

Good thing you still have a chance to place orders or requests I should be able to ship them in time. :)

My 5th Valentines gift idea ...and I must say is one of my favorites are love knot rings....


Do you need a gift for your Mom or Sister? Maybe your girlfriend or your best friend? How about your Daughter? Or that special Aunt!

Love knot rings are awesome because you can get a set to match and make them an awesome gift for two special people. Whether they're for you and someone else , or two people that are special to you! They are bound to bring smiles to faces.

They can be made in generally any color. However, silver is my most common and favored color and style.

Order a set today for $25.00 with custom sizing! Includes Shipping.  

Or order one for $10.00 + 3.00 S&H  Comes with heart Gift box while supplies last.


Monday, February 4, 2013

14 days of Valentings ....Day Four ....Beaded Wire and Chain Necklaces

Red Hot Necklace
(can also be made in ANY color)
What I love about these necklaces is that I can make them in ANY color or combination with TONS of different charms. So if the swallow bird charm is not your style you can just let me know what is!

This necklace features a chain with colored beads and a charm of choice. I choose the bird so that this necklace could be used for someones girlfriend, or their best friend. Not everything is about the Romance. It's about making someone feel special :) Even if it is yourself ;)

If you are interested in ordering a beaded necklace similar to this check it out on my etsy shop


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Last Minute RAVENS and 49ers SUPER BOWL GIVEAWAY!!!!


I just got ready for a SUPER BOWL GIVE AWAY!

Enter now for a chance to win a -FREE- "Sportz Band" of your favorite 2013 Super bowl team!

There will be a winner for EACH team... one for the 49er's fans and one for the Raven's fans

1. Add Shantastic Shine Sales AND Like this Photo
2. Comment CONTEST PHOTO (The one on the Shantastic Wall) with which team you are rooting for
3. SHARE this photo on YOUR WALL so that your friends have a chance to win!

For the fans of the WINNING team , you will ALSO have a chance to win a $5 gift card towards a SHANTASTIC! future purchase

SOOOOO there will be THREE Lucky winners TONIGHT

14 Days of Valentines - Day Three - Adjustable Heart Ring

HAPPY ALMOST SPRING EVERYONE! It seems Puxatony Phil DID NOT  see his shadow yesterday ( It was groundhog day and I forgot to mention it yesterday!)  So it seems spring will come sooner. ( According to the groundhog anyway!


Day three of February has arrived and I do indeed have another Valentine gift idea for you!

Heart rings are AWESOME because, well, they are fool proof! They adjust so that size doesn't matter!

Are you a guy that doesn't sweat the small stuff? Don't know her ring size? Is it almost V- day?

Take a breath

Like I said no worries about a size here.
This is an easy one for guys to grab up!

Does your girlfriend want a ring for the Holiday?

Low on cash but don't want her to think you didn't try?
Pick up a Heart ring or I can Ship it to you so you don't even have to go to the store!

You were at least smart enough to somehow find this listing so go buy one here NOW! and get it in time for the special day... which is FEBRUARY 14th for those of you who really are out of the loop, which don't seem shocked it seems most guys really don't realize that Valentines day is the SAME day EVERY year ( at least date wise)

For you ladies who think this is cute and you know your man sadly just may not remember your ring size hint them this way... or shoot me a message via facebook or e-mail and I will shot a hint in his direction...... A simple add to facebook and a link is sometimes all the "giddy up" they need to remember they need to grab something special.... ;)


Enjoy your Super Bowl :)

I'm not a big sports fan but boyfriend is Rooting for the Raven's since we're currently Marylanders. 

Hope everyone has an AWESOME Sunday



Saturday, February 2, 2013

14 Days of Valentines ...Day 2... Birds Nest Necklaces

Now I know I just posted about some awesome custom mades birds nest a few days ago, but they totally deserve another feature.

These little nests can be made to represent so many things! I love it because that makes each of them special to whomever wears it specifically!

I have made ones to represent a Mother and her children's birth months, which are great for Mothers Day too!

I have also made them for a few Romeo type fellas who were smart enough to use it to represent the month of their first date, her birthday , his, and other special dates.

Okay so the guys may have had some help with the idea ;) But they were grateful for the rewards of giving their girl an AWESOME gift.

These necklaces can be made with ANY color combination , the eggs can be made of "cystals, Glass beads, pearls, or stones.

I can also make matching Earrings and bracelets to make a complete set for someone special.

You can purchase these NOW on ETSY or ARTFIRE( Amazon friendly)

Or take a peak at one I custom made for my aunt the other day:

Friday, February 1, 2013

14 Days of Valentines Ideas.... Day one... Rose Ring

Shantastic Style Rose Rings..... Simple but beautiful!

I always like creating "alternative" rings.... For those guys who want to buy a ring for their girlfriend... but are scared of the commitment of real Gold or Silver..... Well this is the perfect playful ring for the holiday then!

Not only that but they are cheap too! I am selling them on my etsy shop NOW! for only  $10.00!

I can make them in custom sizes and guess what????

I can also make them in pink,blue,or purple!

:) Order one today and be sure to get it for the Holiday.

Happy February Everyone!