Saturday, December 20, 2014

Just a few more books! But they're so much fun!

I've been working away at the leather I've had in the studio for a while now and cranked out two more journals. These are a couple of my favorite so far! They already have planned homes and I can't wait for Christmas to get here to gift them.

I tried to make them manly for a couple of special teenage boys so I'm hoping they get used.

My intent for them is to be dream journals or angel journals for the boys to write in to help release some things on their mind.

Selomon has made me realize how truly important it is to keep a journal and I just think these are awesome little gifts. Totally hand made. Uses up materials I had on hand.

Materials used: Leather Scrap , cardstock paper and copy paper - multitone , embroidery thread  and a needle pretty much.

I used some color coordinated paper to help represent their favorite schools and teams.

These ones did take a little more poking at since the leather is thicker. I got my xacto knife out and poked some holes to help save some time.

Excited to make more to share with everyone.

Thanks for checking em out!

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Podcast # 20! And I got to host!

Podcast #20 Sacred Geometry Artist & Healer David…:

Artist  David diamondheart gives us his story explaining some unique sacred geometry symbols and his merkava activation where he was touched by an angel!

Tune into the end for a card reading by yours truly , and a tidbit from Nick Mielnicki and one of our weekly viewers has a chance to share her art as well.

New guests and topics weekly ! Check out our live podcasts every week on growing and expanding everyday in every way <3

Love and light , shine bright.

Shine time !

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Leather Bound Journals

Last Nights project. 

I've had some leather laying around. And been dying to make an attempt at some leather bound journals. Made a few more over the weekend that I gifted to some friends. They seem to be getting better each time!  I had to make a bound book in school once and never thought I'd enjoy putting pages together as much as I do. 

Wondering what the new owner will write among it's pages I personally hand cut and sewed together.

 I will be making more of these for angel messages and more.

I also have a friend or two that is amazing at book making so if you would like one... and I can't do it I'm sure I can find you someone who can. They can be fabric bound or card stock with decorative paper covers as well! 

If you'd like one please feel free to ask. I will be making em until I'm out of materials. They make perfect gifts for the holidays! I have a couple of days to priority ship if needed!

-Shantastic Shine

Saturday, December 13, 2014

New Website Launch! 12. 13. 14. ! Time for a new chapter. New beginnings .

Happy 12.13.14 everybody! All projects are FULL AGO!

I am happy to annouce that I am RE-LAUNCHING  my official webpage.(

With a new shop and services update and so much more!

You now have easy access to navigate my projects. SHOP in the shine shop where I currently have some awesome prints and a full set of chakra energy bracelets for you to choose from and will be adding 15 new items within the next week! JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS! I can overnight ship them :).

I am also running a campaign on Indigogo for my PAINT THE STATES PROJECT where I am trying to get a painting in every state!
Click here to take a peak or donate to the cause. <3 

I believe in divine numbers and 12.13.14. just felt like a special day. I come to find out Selomon too has his website ready to release! Feeling blessed, and proud of both of us! Take a peak at his new Wordpress here.

Now I am excited to start a new chapter. I finished my season of work for my "reality" job and now am about to take another spiritual journey , enjoy some nature, friends, possibly a reiki attunement and some more fun field life experiences!

I will be booking sessions and card readings Monday when I check back. I hope you all enjoy the new pages and if thats not enough for you peak around the PROJECT BRING ME TO LIFE webpage where we have been making some awesome updates as well. So many things happening.
Shine Time!  .

<3 Shantastic Shine!