Saturday, December 29, 2012

Snow Snow Go Away, You don't need to come back some other day...

Don't get me wrong I love me a nice snow day! Especially when it snowed on Christmas Eve just enough to give us a nice white Christmas. But now, it's starting to give me some EXTREME cabin fever!

Being stuck inside all day I worked on a few new pendants for the SHOP. Which needed some much needed new inventory.

I stocked up on some wire the last time I went out to the craft store so I've been practicing a couple of things and got some satisfying new pieces to share. :) 

Hope you enjoy!





I will be working on more pendants and wire wrapping styles through the evening. Please feel free to comment on pendants , send links to interesting tutorials. Or just leave feedback.

- I just got back from taking photos in the snow! Time to cuddle up and drink some hot chocolate with the boys...

Happy Crafting :)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Guardian Angel Set

Guardian Angel Set

Every year I like to make something special for my aunt to remind her how grateful I am that she helped my Grandma take care of me when I was younger. Having lost mom my ( her sister) my Uncle ( Her brother) and my pap ( Her dad) all rather crossly together we went through some hard times together. But she has always been there to help me through anything I needed. As a little reminder I made her this Guardian Angel set for Christmas. She loved it. :)

Two Pair of Coordinating Angel Earrings
Silver Angel Metal Clasp Bracelet

Custom Gift Box - I found the saying on a Pinterest Meme I instantly fell in love with it. It fit well

This one has been gifted, but more can be made similar. If you are interested in one for you or someone special please feel free to Contact Me . I will gladly make more for you while supplies last.


Dishwasher Safe Ceramic Best Friend Mugs!

Dishwasher Safe Ceramic Best Friend Mugs!  So easy to MAKE yourself!

So my best friend moved from Maryland to Alabama a year or so ago. We still chat on the phone and plan visits for the holidays, so I of course had to come up with something clever to give her for Christmas. What better way to start out her day than with an I miss you bestie mug?

Alabama and Maryland Love <3

I made these for pretty cheap and they came out pretty decent for a first attempt. 

MATERIALS:Ceramic mugs
OIL BASED Paint pens
Design or logo or saying which you want to put on mugs

 For the mugs I recommend a light color unless you have metallic Oil based paint pens.

The pens need to be oil based to cure properly to the mugs.

Here is what I did:

Step One: printed out map outlines of Alabama and Maryland

Step Two: Used pencil to darkly cover the back side of the design I needed
Step Three: trace outlines with pencil createing a graphic stencil on the mugs
Step Four: Use paint pens to go over graphite outline. 
On the back of each mug it says Miss you
Step Five : Place Mugs on a cookie sheet inside the oven.


You want the mugs to heat up with the oven and cool down with the oven.

Step Six: Pre- heat the oven to 350 Degrees F.
Step Seven: Allow mugs to bake for twenty minutes.
Step Eight: Keep the mugs in the oven while it cools down to room temperature.

Once the oven is cooled down the mugs should be cool to the touch as well.

I added the Miss you to the back of each mug to remind her how much we miss her back home!
That is what I did with mine and I machine washed them once with no damage to the design. So hopefully they will stay that way.  :)

We grew up in Cumberland so I added  a little heart over her hometown too :)

Shes now in Tuscaloosa So I put a little heart where it would be on the map :)

This would be my bestie. Every Brunette needs a blonde best friend <3

To bad neither of us were smart enough to think to take a picture holding the mugs with our states like I just now thought of.... ahh maybe I can get her to bring them over before she leaves after the new year.  *Makes notes to do that*
This would be Cozmo her adorable little Fur baby that she brought from back home with her. He is such a cutie I had to share a picture of him :D


Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to everyone!

I  have been working hard at getting all the orders filled for the holidays as well as preparing tutorials from all the random little Christmas Gifts I made that I have been dying to share! 

I wanted to wait until after the holidays so I didn't ruin it for friends and family. But now that I did I can get some even better snapshots with my awesome new DSLR. My family surprised me with a new Nikon D5100! Which will be in awesome use for my 2013 goal of a post every day and 365Photo Challenge that I will be starting from now through next year :).


Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas preparing, while being sick, is totally kicking my butt!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I'm terrible at this. My New Years Resolution is going to be to post every day. I shall be setting a reminder on the phone so that it for sure gets done!

On a happier note , I have been getting tons of crafting done.

On the Artfire we now have more rings take a peak at a few :

I have also been working on some nmifty Initial bracelets. They are adjustable so that they can easily fit anyone. I hated having so many bracelets and anklets people loved but didn't fit. So I made it wearable for everyone. I can make these in any color. I use hemp, and Cotton Cord . They run about $5 and are made to order to feel free to tell me what color. If no color is stated I will be making htem in natural browns.
  Feel free to message me on FACEBOOK  I will gladly make custom bracelet/anklets before the holidays! They are nice and simple to make too. If you want a quick guide on how to make them yourself you can message me as well. I will try posting a tutorial before the holiday.

I'm going to go finish up some glas mosaic coasters! I will post a photo of them when they're finished! Can't wait to get caught up! But then again I love all of my orders so keep em comin!

Happy Holidays everyone!
and of course HAPPY CRAFTING!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sorry for the lack of attention. It's time to crack down for the season!

Sorry guys! I haven't meant to not be updating. It's been a bit busy at the Shantastic Studio!  Schools been keeping me busy.  I have been perfecting the ideas of a special Artist Tool project I have been working on. I hope to be soon bringing a special product to my stores. Something I have been longing for myself. With the help of a few friends I may be able to produce something to help not only myself but many other artists too! A version of my special Spinning Easel that I recently used at my show.

With the boyfriend being busy with his musical practice I will be having more time to update the pages. I'll try to keep more up to date. I'm now accepting Christmas Lists. get em to me soon if you want the projects all ready and done as early as possible for the holidays :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Todays Local Paper

Local Paper had an article on my work today.  

Sadly the story was for a show that has just been moved. All my paintings are currently being displayed at Dante's Bar . The story was printed a few days to late. Tis cool that the website and store both got a shout out :) Hoping to get some more traffic. So if you're new reading HI! :D

Cumberland Times News - November 16,2012

I am working hard on a piece for the Arts Councils Annual Members Exhibition hoping to get it finished tonight , because well... They're due tomorrow. I'm going with a Holiday Feel.... Hope it works for me. I was feeling Jolly!

EDIT: Heres what I came up with for my piece! Hush Santa 16x20 Acrylic stretch canvas. Glack Glossy Frame.

He didn't make it into the show. But that's okay because now if you'd like him you can buy him here :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dantes Live Painting.

 The Dante's Live Painting was fun met lots of cool people and enjoyed the band. Had a lot of support from friends and family. Ms. Dorian of Through the Lens Photography came and took some photos @ the venue. I am excited to see them however am patiently waiting ( I have since updated with the loveley action shots ) because I know how the life of  a busy photographer is...... until then here's a few I snapped from the show!.
Jerry Finished in the Second Set. <3 Cassidy.

First Set- Charles Tree

Sold To Ms. Flora.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Yay for November. Time to get thankful and motivated!

November has arrived and it kinda snuck up on me!  However I got so much done I must say I am thankful for the sudden surge of motivation yesterday or nothing would have gotten finished. I had been sick for a few days and today I will be setting up my showcase at Allegany College of Maryland Bedford Campus with my good friend, former teacher, and inspiration Ms. Robyn Price.  :D

However, despite being sick I managed to create, print, share, and handout my promo flier for my Live Painting next week. Which you can check out more of the event: HERE .

I also worked on my speed painting. I created this  Jerry Garcia piece in 7mins and 23 seconds. It is on a 16x20 Canvas and will sell for $40 (wire hanging on back for easy display).

I also finally found a rotating easel! I ordered it just a few minutes ago. I hope it gets here in time for my live performance because I paid extra for it to ship asap! I'm to excited and impatient to wait ya know!

I also managed to see a bunch of friends and family through the day. Oh , and did I mention I actually did my homework?  All while being slightly sick! Go Me!
I will say I am thankful for my boyfriend who has babied me and taken care of me the past 48 hours and put up with my poutyness knowing I had a ton of stuff to get through sick or not.  <3 maybe he really does support me as much as he says.

Now it's time for rest! 

Share the Arts<3

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Yes this is me! haha Not to bad as a blonde am I?
Photo Credit: Dorian @ Through the Lens Photography

FROM 3p.m.-12:00p.m. TODAY ONLY! if you type in: AliceGoneWild 

it is 50% off your order!
How awesome?  Go now to :


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dressin' Up for work! Who knew we'd have so much fun?

EXCUSE THIS SLIGHT RANT:   I wanted to post these on Facebook! Sadly , the new facebook up-loader is not compatible with any of my FOUR browsers on my desktop. Does anyone else have this problem??? It's makin' me one sad photographer! Oh and whats worse is , the card reader broke on my laptop so I HAVE to go through the desktop to get the photos off then put them on my laptop to upload.... and that seems to only work sometimes, *SIGH*

Okay enough ranting time for the fun stuff!  

 Dressing up for work, was way to fun!


 I was a Pirate Saturday and Alice ( or Bo Beep, or Goldie Locks , whomever the passengers wanted me to be) today.  It made for an awesome ride. The passengers loved it. Made it tons of fun joking around and cracking jokes about lookin' for treasure or running off to a Tea Party. Dorian even filled my little potion bottle with some potion( aka frozen coffee') in case I needed to shirnk to get through the train. Made for some good joke. ;) Who new working could be fun?

My Co-workers  of course dressed up with me. I wasn't doing this alone are you kidding?







 Ms. Dorian (from Through the Lens Photography) went as a  Ventriloquist Dummy (or Doll as some mistook her for) , and Megan (from Manitoba District) went as a Hippie Saturday and a Cowgirl on Sunday. We all had a blast!  We had little Photoshoots however, Dorian got to keep them on her camera, so we're dying to see how they turned out!  When I get some I will be sure to Share but maybe she will just post them on her Photography page and you can take a peak at her work while your there.

Megan from Manitoba

Take a peak at the girls and I,  having a blast at work for the Halloween weekend. 

Did I mention I met Captain America?
I got a picture with him too! (Hopefully coming soon!)