Tuesday, February 24, 2015

5 Day Art Challenge. DAY ONE

Last night I was nominated by Christopher Selomon Closson​ for the 5 Day Art Challenge. I am challenging myself to post 5 items each day of the 5 day challenge.
Day 1 of the 5 Day Art Challenge.  I am sharing my "growing tree" collection which is what really kicked off my Shantastic Shine Creations business.

Suessical Trees

Umber Growth

Faded Skies

Tangerine Skies

*This is the first painting I created for *Shantastic Shine Creations* it was a $600 Commissioned piece for a beautiful women in West Virgina. It was made in I believe 2011 and I didn't have a good quality camera working at the time it needed delivered so I never got a good photo of it. She sent me this of it hung in her home. This painting was rather large and my first multi-piece tree that I really fell in love with which created my "Growing Tree" Collection that I feel will continue to grow through my lifetime as well.

* Large commissioned pieces are ALWAYS welcome and I love to custom create something to grow with you as well! Please don't hesitate to contact me for a piece just for you or someone you know.

Nominate Sandy Kenney Arnold​ Robyn Price-Case​ Regina Holliday​ to take the 5 Day Art Challenge * If you would like , because I'm not sure if you have been nominated previously but who doesn't love a chance to share their art?*

If you would like to purchase or trade for a high definition prints, customs or originals, please contact me at shantasticshine@gmail.com

Monday, February 23, 2015

Shannon's Song - Ukulele Song by Selomon

I must share that I officially have the coolest boyfriend ever. For many reasons really but the one that I MUST share is his Valentine's day present.

Totally adorably he first wrote me a little song on his ukulele and sang it to me.... He then recorded it so I could keep it forever... double cuteness... and then he made me a music video! Can you say adorable?  He also made me a card and "found" me some special flowers that involved my grandma and an angel. But that's a story for a different day.

I just want to say thank you so much Christopher for all that you do to make me feel like the Queen I Am. Blessed to have you in my life. Always.

Take a peak at my personal music video created by Christopher Selomon Closson.

"It's so cute I can't Even!"

Sunday, February 22, 2015

OFFICIAL 2-22 RELEASE of Imagine Dragons - Radioactive (Spaceship Earth Remix)

SHINE TIME Studios Presents a Project Bring Me to Life created music video for Spaceship Earth
MUSIC VIDEO PARTY ON www.projectbringmetolife.com @ 2:22EST !!!!!!

You all should come join us for a quick chat and watch the video at 2:22! Who hope to see you there!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Howlite a good crystal for insomnia and more

Howlite is a interesting stone that can be often found in many colors due to humans often dying it.  Though naturally white it is often found in blue , green , or red to resemble coral. Howlite has many of the same metaphysical properties as turquoise. It is also an excellent piece to keep near by when having problems with insomnia and over active thoughts.

Focusing on a piece of howlite can help with journeying outside of the body as well as gaining insight into your past lives.

It is often a good idea to place a howlite stone in your pocket to help observe unwanted energies. It helps also overcome selfish behavior.

Remember when using crystals it is important to give them an intention so they know how to direct their services. It is also important to cleanse and charge them properly.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Featured Crystal Spotlight : Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s Eye

Handmade by Shantastic Shine
Charged in LEO FULL MOON
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This week I have chosen to feature Tiger’s Eye as my crystal spotlight. Tiger’s eye is a very beautiful and more well-known stone in the crystal community.  It has lovely bands of yellows, golds, and browns that vary from stone to stone. I have never seen two pieces exactly the same.

Tiger’s eye is not only beautiful but very calming as well as powerful. This stone aids in harmony and balance as well as aides you in releasing fear and anxiety. Tiger’s eye is also known for aiding in decisions and understanding by helping uncloud your emotions.

In the olden days it was traditionally used as an amulet against harmful curses. It helps block negative energies while building self confidence and strength of will.  It also enhances creativity. 

Handmade by Shantastic Shine
Charged in LEO FULL MOON
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I often keep tiger’s eye close by in all my studios and work spaces to help keep me calm , focused , and balanced while working on my creative projects.

Tiger’s eye stones are often found in South Africa but also found in Brazil, India, Western Australia , and even the USA. The meaning of the stones name is simple, the stone looks like the eye of a tiger or cat in some ways. Tiger’s eye also comes in a blue and red tone, all equally as beautiful with slightly different traits to each color.

Tiger’s Eye also helps with the solar plexus chakra with has powerful effects of “the will” or “ I can” in your daily existence. By carrying or wearing this amazing stone you will often be more active mentally and physically. It also helps bring out many psychic gifts and develop more earthly connections.

Tiger’s Eye is one of my personal favorites. I also use it in a lot of my handmade  reiki and full moon charged and clensed crystal jewelry.  Below are a few of my latest creations and more can be found in either of my shops. ( www.shantasticshine.com   or Via ETSY)

Handmade Set by Shantastic Shine
Charged in LEO FULL MOON
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Handmade by Shantastic Shine
Charged in LEO FULL MOON
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Handmade Set by Shantastic Shine
Charged in LEO FULL MOON
Click here to see more about me :D

Handmade  by Shantastic ShineCharged in LEO FULL MOONClick here to see more about me :D

Monday, February 2, 2015

Carnelian the orange stone of protection , abundance, fertility and more!

Carnelian  from my Reiki 2 attunement- Photo by Shantastic Shine
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Carnelian, a very beautiful glassy yet translucent crystal that is a variety of orange tones and a mineral of the Quartz family. Carnelian is believed to help so many things. From helping even the shyest become a bold speaker to helping workers and architects construct master buildings. It was even worn by ancient warriors for courage and strength! Carnelian is a stone for many as you can see. It’s also a favorite of little old me!

Carnelian is used for many things  some of the other major uses and purposes are to attract prosperity and resources.  I personally used Carnelian in many of my grids for this purpose. It is also the crystal of ambition, drive and determination all amazing qualities to have. 

Carnelian also helps the voice and singers often wear it to promote confidence for their performances. If you are a singer it is said to be beneficial to wear it as a necklace. ( You can find carnelian necklaces in the Shantastic Shine Shop if you are in need of one asap!)  IT is also the stone that lends the courage needed to help overcome difficulties while defending a specific cause. It offers a sense of community and love.

Orange crystals in particular help with fertility and the sacral chakra as well. Carnelian is full of life force energy and stimulates the metabolism while activating chakras.

Another reason I have chosen to talk about carnelian today is because it helps aide us through the LEO FULL MOON which is coming TOMORROW.  Which means you should also be prepping all your crystals to charge under the moon tomorrow night.

Carnelian is a strong crystal that is also good for helping charge other crystals like citrine or selenite. It has a self charging frequency to it.  When going through my personal Reiki 2 attunement I choose 21 crystals from my Reiki Masters collection. 14 of them were Carnelian while the rest were honey calcite. I proceeded to build a grid (  I actually never counted how many I had just started picking from until after the actual ceremony , then realized I too choose 21 stones just as Usi did while going through his own process)  I still have these crystals and often use them in the center of my alter grids in my home where I am building my own reiki healing center. It helps make the house feel very calm and has indeed help me draw in some abundance.

I currently have a set of carnelian in stock for Crystal Gridding and would be willing to sell or trade it if interested please contact me. I also make custom reiki charged healing energy jewelry and could combine carnelian with your other favorite stones upon request. Feel free to contact me at anytime my email is shantasticshine@gmail.com. I promise I am easy to work with and would love to get you a piece as soon as I can.

Shine on always

-Shantastic Shine.