Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hoppy Easter! ( Free Printables!)

Hey there everyone!

I wanted to wish those of you who celebrate a HAPPY EASTER!

 Those of you who don't just have a super awesome Sunday , which could and should  include the finale of The Walking Dead for those of you who watch it too!

So for those of you who celebrate Easter do you till do HUGE baskets full of candy? For our family gatherings we have tried to cut back on the candy giving. We have substituted with small gifts instead just for the sake of giving.  The boys usually get some video game or clothes that they had wanted ( It's strange that the boys in my family are more about certain clothes than the girls often were, shows how things can change. Us girls like to get messy and craft so we don't worry about it as much haha)  My grams put some canvas's and paintbrushes in my basket with just a few Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. She knows I can't resist them.

Though I didn't get Grams a big basket like I use to, I made the Adults tiny Bunny bags out of some of my  leftover inventory bags.  (You can purchase near 100 for $2.00 in the craft section of Walmart I use them for jewelry shipping and often have many around for gifting)

To spice them up a bit I made a printable bunny I'm going to share with you :)

To make these little bunnies you only need a few things. It would be the PERFECT craft for kiddos to make and take to their loved ones for the holiday.  I wish I would have posted it sooner for some of my teacher friends. Maybe they can use it for next year.   Here's a simple how to.

Materials : 

Baggies , Printer , Paper ( Cardstock preferred) , tape,scissors candy

  • Simply print this : CLICK HERE FOR FREE PDF
  • Cut around box ,ears, and Hoppy easter
  • Place bunny in bag first
  • Add Candy
  • Add Hoppy Easster to the Back of Bag.
  • Close bag
  • Tape Ears to back of bag ( I used clear shipping style tape)
  • OPTIONAL:  Glue cotton ball tale to the back of bag for fun cotton tail :)

    Have a good one guys and don't eat to much!  Many of us have some Spring cleaning to keep up with in the next few weeks. However if any of you are online with  a full tummy to relax don't forget to check out the daily updates to   It's still in the productive time where I will be adding tons of new items, links, more vendors, and more.


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wow, I just got back from sharing my story a little bit at Frankfort Middle. What an experience. I had never realized how awesome it would feel to have a room full of smiling faces listening with ideas. They all were generally interested and I got to give each of them something to keep.  Although, I made a few to small so I will have to make a few to send back in for those who's might not have fit just right. I wasn't sure how tiny/big their wrists would be. Kids are a bit different than I remember being at that age.
That being said, IT WAS AWESOME! 25ish smiling faces and a room full of questions! They were all so excited a few were late for class. *sorry* What an awesome feeling. To teach little minds hmm.

Thanks Ms.Snoberger for inviting me! Sorry I was a little late. Due to not being able to figure out the door system! haha at least they keep the kiddos safe with all those locked doors!

I would totally do it again :) Maybe next time I will breathe a little bit. I felt like I was trying to tell them so much with so little time. But hey, they really wanted to know! That's what was awesome.

If any of you are reading I hope I taught you a little something ;) If you can make something, AND it makes you happy, do it!

BUT business may not be for everyone. Some of you may want to reach the moon, but others want to reach the stars and they are a lot further away. <3
A photo of some of the bracelets I gave to the kiddos. I will be making more for ones that may have been to small. If any parents get on and wonder what they are made of they have a center piece of "hemp" but the outside of the blue and yellow are a nylon base cord, the white one is a cotton cord. I didn't want to use the natural hemp in case someone would get itchy.  If you would like one of your own or custom colored one please feel free to CONTACT ME and I will gladly talk to ya about getting some.

It's all for the kids, they are the next generation.

♥ Last night I worked a bit of a double to make sure that I have 25+ bracelets for this morning. I get the opportunity to go to Frankfort Middle School and talk to teenagers about what it's like to have my own business.

I feel rather honored to get that chance and wanted to be able to share something with each of them. It meant a lot to me to be asked to do such a talk. Who knew at 21 I would  be qualified to teach children slightly younger than my brother about what it is to run a business for something you love?

PLUS! Who didn't remember the visitors that gave them gifts as a child? Those were always my favorite people. They taught me the power of receiving something.   It can be a powerful thing. 

That's what this is all about. Sharing the love and giving someone something handmade.

♥ Share the art, Share the love.

I'm off to finish getting ready. Just wanted to letcha's know where I disappeared to  I also have a BUNCH more surprises coming for APRIL... <3   

After I get this talk out of the way it's Easter focus time for the next few days!  let me know if you need any last minute goodies! Remember Shantastic goodies don't give ya cavities ;)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In a time of need, I always have trees.

I truly need your attention to say this:
♥ Thank you , thank you. All of you who pay attention to my posts.

I finally stepped forward with fixing my car and paying off so other much needed things so that I can take the business even further this summer with Craft shows, festivals, and more!

I was scared to death because the price was so high for the parts. BUT! With all of you awesome people I have raised almost all the money back in one night ( almost...half at least that is a start!)

Any help has been appreciated and all the love is never un-noticed.

Thanks to all of you who take a minute to re-share my posts like something or purchase something when you can. It really all counts. I do appreciate all of it.

It's truly awesome to be able to love what you do<3

Most of it was raised through some very lovely ladies courtesy of Ms. Lizzi over @ Forgotten Cotten who helped send them my way. 

I managed to give a bunch of my new Tree Pendants homes. I do still have a few that would help the cause so please check them out Here


Sunday, March 24, 2013

:D Happy Sunday- Workin' on some Tree Pendants!

♥ I love my job. Happy Sunday everyone. I know you're not suppose to work on Sundays... but I hardly call craft time working. HeHe.

Take a peak... I made this tree just yesterday! ...along with 3 others that sold instantly! Whew!.... Let me know your colors and I could make one just for you too!

Wire Lime Tree Pendant
$20 Pendant
OR $25/wChain

Paypal Accepted ( Other Payment arrangements can be made please feel free to contact.)

-Cumberland Delivery is Free
$3.00 S&H for up to 5 small items.

Ask me about GIFT WRAP/BOX options at checkout.

Friday, March 22, 2013

First Week Success! Thanks for the Love Everyone!

:D I'd say the first week of Shantastic Shine's Website launch was a success. This was what I was able to finish for the Friday Shipment. I also did one earlier this week!

Excited to get things in even more places. Please feel free to message me with any questions or concerns.

Custom orders are always welcome and Payment options are excepted.

Don't forget to check out the new site at

Please click the link to redirect to the official site :) ( Within 24 hours it should automatically load to the home page)

And then you can use the Shantastic Store to purchase some items and more will be added every day this week.

Thanks again for all the support. Shantastic is growing more and more each day with help from all of you awesome people.

As well as branching out to help others grow.

Let's grow together. Be a part of a beautiful thing.♥

-Shan Tastic

You won't loose one of these things! Get one for every key you've ever lost ;)

I was outside photographing some of my new items and I dropped one of the new Wrist lets I had just made! I probably wouldn't have noticed at all had it not been very brightly colored and I couldn't miss it.

Get one of these nifty key attachments and hopefully keep them right around your wrist!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A little bit of thought.."Conquer the bad"

I am trying to finish tweaking the website. Apparently the store check out isn't working so please contact me via facebook or etsy to complete orders until I get the bugs all finished. Shouldn't be long though! I had an awesome weekend of motivational vacation to get me in gear for upcoming SHANTASTIC projects!

While I am busy sorting through pages of codes , millions of files, and uploading crazy slowness I wanted to share a few things to think about.

Over the past few days, after recovering from the first initial Shantastic Shine website launch, I took a small vacation to look over the past few weeks of craziness I have been doing planning and looking for more work.

So today, I logged onto my facebook to peak catch up from my weekend of trying to avoid much technology. I scrolled upon this on my newsfeed this photo that was simply shared by a rather awesome chick I know.  

So before I continue I wanted to share as well. It really caught my attention.

Please ponder this for a few seconds. Take a moment to think about the "bad".   I ask you too because I know stared at it for a few seconds too.

 Realizing I just had a similar conversation with boyfriend about some things I realized over the weekend, I hurried to my notebook to look back through my scribbles from the weekend. 

To understand the scribblings you may need to have a better understanding of my version of a "vacation". It doesn't mean a cruise or a walk on a beach, though I would never turn either down, I just currently have to many other responsibilities and can't run away to the water or big city.

 When I go on vacation , it generally means I turn technology off. Blare music, grab a friend or two , and just chill and talk about whatever randomness is needed. Generally I come out of it with a million ideas, an awesome new friendship (maybe two or three, or a whole new family.)  I also keep a notebook or something to document any ideas I have that may be important later. Then, after I realize I didn't need to sit on a computer and waste my day away I usually get rather motivated to go play in the studio. 

That being said , I searched through the notebook looking for something I thought for sure I had written so similar to this very statement I came across, and there it was

" I believe... If you haven't had something truly "bad" to overcome and live through, you have not truly lived yet.

Because, those who have succeeded have conquered. But not all of those have conquered what is needed to realize their success has come."

I make myself think sometimes. But I'm glad. I truley believe to succeed at anything, you have to conquer something,somehow, at some point , to make you who you are and what you accomplish possible.

 Those that are "handed" success have not truly reached their full potential until they have conquered something worthy of their "success" being memorable. 

If I confused you, or made no sense I do apologize for my rambling. If you agree please share this with others and I shall be posting more as I get some of my "motivational posters" completed.  :) If you would like to chat more,especially on this topic of similar philosophies, I'm usually reachable. Feel free to Contact me.

Until next time,


-P.S.   Take a moment to sit and think for a while. Whether it be alone, with a friend, a pet, in silence, or blaring music that touches your soul.   Turn off the "outside world"  grab a piece of paper and let your mind ease. You can write it, draw it, scribble in anger or frustration, or fold it up into a piece of origami. Just relax.  It could end up being such a great thing in the end.

Friday, March 15, 2013


WHEW! I just printed out a sample of my business cards I just designed to match my website that I JUST launched. AND THEN I did a little happy dance all over my house. :) is officially up and running and cards are ready to go to the printer... and I can sit down *Away from a computer* and relax!

Time to go take a nap, have a quick vacation this weekend and get back to CRAFTING awesome things on Sunday/Monday.

:) All my work has paid off and I am a few steps closer to sharing my love and helping others reach each other in one place.

♥ Thank you all who have helped and listened all the way and who continue to help support me and give me the much needed feedback I so very dearly appreciate.

Shantastic Shine is one step closer to being as big as many thought I could only hope for.

Goodnight all, and thanks for checking it all out.
-Shan Tastic

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Very Colorful day

After getting super excited yesterday when I recieved my awesome new colorful hemp I went to town creating a bunch of new colorful items. Most of these are already sold!  A few of the anklets/bracelets still need a home. Feel free to contact me if interested. :)

Also I received my Grateful dead glass from SeeMyGlass via etsy.   Most of these pendants are already claimed ( All of them by the blue and red steal you face pendants)  However this guy is pretty awesome and will be back mid April and I will be placing another order for some of his glass. If you are interested in me making you a grateful dead necklace please feel free to contact me and I will gladly order a pendant just for you! Let me know colors a head of time so I make sure to have it in for you asap!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

New hemp cam in! It's so awesome!

My awesome new colored hemp came in from HempBeadery. I am super excited to get it out and start working on some custom orders and new lanyards with awesome color mixtures.


The Neon colored string actually glows in the blacklight it is super awesome and would be cool for someone who is in shows or a band that may have a UV light shine on it. I can't wait to make a necklace or something with it and show you what I mean!

Also here is a chart I created to help with orders. It gives each kind/color a name to help describe colors and combinations you may be interested in for orders. Take a peak :)

I shall be working hard on some new colorful awesomeness. I hope I have some very colorful fans that are excited to have a colorful season with me!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


HEY SHANTASTIC FANS! Did you get snowed in? OR no snow? It seems my town still got shut down without really getting much snow! 


So are you off today and online?  Stop Over on my SHANTASTIC FACEBOOK I am doing a spring fling auction :)  I need some bidders!  PLUS! First time Shantastic Buyers get a freebie after purchase!

check it out here




Tuesday, March 5, 2013


:D I HAVE OFFICIALLY ordered my new hemp. It should be here by Thursday ( As long as it doesn't get to affected by our crazy snow storm that is said to be coming through.) 

I will have all kinds of awesome new colors and combos to share! I can't wait. I have made a updated list of what I have coming with what I have already. 

(A few colors aren't shown due to limited amounts on hand that could not currently be re ordered so if there is something you may have had from me before and it's not shown please feel free to message me I may have some hidden in my craft stash or I can special order it just may take a few days to get finished.)

And here are
the options. I can't wait to get the multi colored packs to play with!

When they get here I will be making some Lanyards in different combos for an upcoming lanyard sale! ;) Keep an eye out and grab some up for the spring season!

I will also be taking custom orders for anything you would like with the new fun colors. Switch it up, I'm sure everyone has their special natural colored hemp necklace by now. Time to upgrade to an awesome new color piece to match your favorite outfits.

:) Now I need to go clean the studio to make room for the other goodies I also have coming!
I love spring time. It means I get to put out new things for the upcoming Festival Season. Yay!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Best Friend Mugs ....seem to be a favorite.

Recently my Pinterest has been blowing up because everyone seems to have loved my mugs from Christmas that I made for my best friend ( read more here)

So I wanted to share a better photo of a set I made more recently. Now I cannot take credit for this idea. I did find it similar on pinterest at Christmas when I was looking for the perfect best friend gift. But I did kinda do it my own way. :) Plus the customer requested the special saying, which you can do too!


:) I get to deliver these to someone awesome this week. Hope they are everything she hoped :) I love making these for people b3ecause I know I not only make one person happy but 2!

Now I am off to do some more crafty things.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, March 1, 2013

YAY it's FRIDAY , time to pack up shipping for the WEEKEND

**  Hey there I am Packing things up for my final shipping for the week! Any last minute orders should get places by noon so I can get them there by 1 ! 

Did you know Shantastic will ship up to 5 small items for jut $3.00?
AND it includes a tracking number/confirmation so you can watch your order?

Oh yeah AND if you are a first time Shantastic Shipper ( Online buyer) You will receive a freebie in your package! How awesome is that?

Please message me today if interested in anything :D

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