Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Card Reading for today :) Positive things are happening

 This card is a sign that all good things are happening! As the boat floats towards the sunrise we are moving forward. Sailing full speed ahead.

This card comes to remind you that you do have something to move forward with! Are you an artisan? Maybe just a hard worker? A New Mommy or Daddy? Remember that the divine has given you these gifts for a reason. Things are changing as are the seasons. The number 8 always denotes infinite, or abundance, prosperity, and advancement of some sort. 

This is awesome! This card often comes forth to honor and recognize individuals who are in the field of arts, music, or education of sorts. When we follow and build on our passions, the soul can truly express itself and can then assist us to move closer toward your highest good.  An opportunity could suddenly come up with an offer for an apprenticeship. Notice if there are areas of passion that are trying to manifest into your world. When they arise , you'll have ample moments to share them with others.

Excited to move forward with you!

Shine forward!


Be specific when asking for help or manifesting!

So yesterday I wrote a quick post about this. But I really wanted to tell the story so here is a quck video blog on my Manifesting expierience from yesterday!


Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I asked my house elf and angels to help me find a green backpack I had been missing and worried about because I thought my tablet was in it and my art stuff and a cord I'm in need of.....
After asking all day even writing it down because I was getting slightly worried about my dearest things.... and then I stumbled upon my tablet! In a bag with a project I had been procrastinating on .... I guess if I would have worked on it I would have been a little less worried about my tablet.
Then being relieved that it was at least found I then opened a closet to find the book bag I had been oh so worried about.... hanging...completely empty.... Touche universe.... So where is my art stuff and cord?
Hmm if I give up to your obvious attempts to show me that I am asking for the wrong things ....will they to appear?
Lesson one : Be very clear on what you're looking for when talking to your guides...
Lesson two : They are smart asses but at least will answer so be aware.
.... Also strange fact.... Selo mysteriously doing a practice recording when I found my backpack... as if proof it really happened.
I feel like I live in a dream sometimes.

P.S. I think the house elf's name is Ralph..... Oh snap ? Maybe even Rapheal ? Thanks guys!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014