"An artist at heart, a graphic designer and photographer by day, creator by night." 

My name is Shannon Cook also known as Shantastic Shine.  I was born into this world as Shannon Cook in 1991 to a man and women in the somewhat small but well known town of Cumberland , Maryland hidden comfortably in the Appalachian mountains. I moved around a lot with my younger brother especially after losing my mother and father before the age of ten. I then was partly adopted by my grandparents which was a pretty artistic and business driven home. 

I studied diligently in school and I strive to be a part of raising the awareness of creativity and enthusiasm of life in general in those around me. Art is my personal favorite release of expression and emotion. I  enjoy painting layers of my feelings into pieces of which I hope find their proper homes in time.

I have studied  art , photography, graphic design , business and more throughout the East Coast of the United states. Particularly the Appalachian mountains. I have pursued my art by attending Pittsburgh Technical Institute in my late teenage years and  Allegany College of Maryland in my early twenties.  There I gathered the support and experience from other very skilled artists and later earned the Most Valuable Artist Award and Letter of Recognition in Photography.

In May of 2014 I graduated from Allegany College which was right before the death of my adopted mother figure/ Maternal Grandmother who raised and supported my art very dearly. This has pushed me to make yet another plunge into the depths of my soul's creativity for a spiritual release, helping me grow through every stroke and sketch.

Through the years I have slowly started to establish my own style and have made significant progress in the art world. I enjoy many colors and bold linework to express motion and distinct outlines in my imagery. Many of my paintings reflect the grounding nature and assistance that trees provide.  I have also created some pop art portraits of people like John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia and Kurt Cobain. I enjoy trying new things and am always working to broaden my horizons.

In addition to painting the states, I am also working on my live painting performances while running my jewelry and energy shop Shantastic Shine where I do original jewelry.  I  co-host a growing spiritual and promotional podcast [ProjectBringMetoLife.com], and I am offering spiritual and intuitive guidance.  I am also a certified Usui Reiki practitioner. I enjoy energy/ metaphysical healing and activities such as oracle card readings. I generally have a passion for all things creative , inspiring, and motivational to the experience of life.

I am  excited to be working at getting a painting in every state throughout the United States and one day I dream to also paint a mural in every state. I appreciate you taking the time to enjoy learning about my journey and say that if you are interested check out my website. [ShantasticShine.com] 

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