Wednesday, June 19, 2013

:D Wanna help ensure you see my face at upcoming festivals?

Hello friends/fans/family/Art lovers :)

I am taking inventory through the weekend and trying to "Clear house" to not only make way for the bigger better projects I have in mind but to also help raise some last minute cash to get the rest of our summer tickets before they get any higher! (Trying to ensure our tickets for: Interlocken Music Festival Rootwire 2K13 | August 15th-18th, 2013 | Logan, OH, USA and a few others to see some of my awesome festy family.)

Also working to get some new supplies to bring you guys awesome handmade goods through out the summer, as well as 5-10 new larger style pieces of artwork with a more Shantastic Original Style to them :)

If you could do me the favor of checking out my albums on facebook to see live updated items as they are made.


or the official SHANTASTIC SHOP 

Purchasing something to help me get a little closer to my goals would of course be greatly appreciated. I also throw in a little something extra for those who help when I am in a crunch. I would hope to see as many of your smiling faces there as well!♥

ALSO for most of my paintings now I can do a UV CLEAR COAT which will allow you to "draw" or "play" with laser light pens on them without effecting the design or artwork. It helps make art interactive and actually fun for HOURS of entertainment.

Please feel free to contact me for more information. :)

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