Thursday, August 15, 2013

Happy Birthday to mee......

I couldn't help it! I caved and made myself an awesome birthday present! I have been dying to make myself an original Shine hat to represent my new favorite hobbies. BUT I am so picky when it comes to making things for me I usually just can't do it.
However, this weekend is a special occasion and I needed something sick to represent Shantastic Shine @ High Land Jam for my Birthday.

So here is my personal heady piece. Already got my Karma King Mafia Pin in place ready to spread the love.

I'm ready to SHINE.
Thanks for all the Birthday wishes I have already been getting in messages and random texts. You all Rock.

Feel free to CONTACT ME to request a custom SHINE HAT of your very own! I hand paint them and try to make everyone as special as possible. I am currently working on getting grassroots and flexfits. All in time. 

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