Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I asked my house elf and angels to help me find a green backpack I had been missing and worried about because I thought my tablet was in it and my art stuff and a cord I'm in need of.....
After asking all day even writing it down because I was getting slightly worried about my dearest things.... and then I stumbled upon my tablet! In a bag with a project I had been procrastinating on .... I guess if I would have worked on it I would have been a little less worried about my tablet.
Then being relieved that it was at least found I then opened a closet to find the book bag I had been oh so worried about.... hanging...completely empty.... Touche universe.... So where is my art stuff and cord?
Hmm if I give up to your obvious attempts to show me that I am asking for the wrong things ....will they to appear?
Lesson one : Be very clear on what you're looking for when talking to your guides...
Lesson two : They are smart asses but at least will answer so be aware.
.... Also strange fact.... Selo mysteriously doing a practice recording when I found my backpack... as if proof it really happened.
I feel like I live in a dream sometimes.

P.S. I think the house elf's name is Ralph..... Oh snap ? Maybe even Rapheal ? Thanks guys!

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