Saturday, August 25, 2012

Heady Wraps

A Friend and Fan Aaron aka JesusHimself Model ;)

I fell in the love with the art of Heady wraps at my first festival. They were so intricate and eye catching I couldn't help but want to learn more.
my first "accidental" Heady wrap/ Amulet
I found that they had many stones and that each have different meanings. I have recently ordered a gem set and some books to do more research in hopes to bring more of this to Shantastic soon ;) I have a few friends that are also interested in getting the meanings done.

Little had I knew I had recently created my first one already, It was my friends amulet! ( Aaron aka JesusHimself - Fire twirler) I was so excited and recieved so much great feedback that I wanted to make more! These are a few I have been playing with :D The first mostly white black and silver one is one I made special for my boyfriend <3

Boyfriends Heady Wrap- :)

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Copper wrapped Heady Pendant, Hippie Bling by Shantastic!
Jade , Jasper, Tourmaline, Lava rock, Granite

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