Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Shantastic 21st birthday :D - MONEY TREE!

   My family can't STAND giving someone just money. But I'm someone they really just don't know what to get. EVEN THOUGH I go through every store telling everyone this would be an awesome birthday gift or maybe this , just most of the time they can't remember exactly and they are afraid of getting the right thing. Soo, when they do give in and give money they want to do it in a super creative way.... They say this is the year of money for me... they can feel it. I sure hope so. They are pretty intuitive about things. It means a lot to me that they support me so much. 
I guess money does grow on trees :p

♥ They say its the year of the money. Oh how I hope it's true... green green everywhere :) Enough for friends and family to share....... keep it close spend it wise but more is always near, for those who don't live with fear.



Hope to share tutorials and homemade wire trees and kits :D message or contact for details



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