Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dressin' Up for work! Who knew we'd have so much fun?

EXCUSE THIS SLIGHT RANT:   I wanted to post these on Facebook! Sadly , the new facebook up-loader is not compatible with any of my FOUR browsers on my desktop. Does anyone else have this problem??? It's makin' me one sad photographer! Oh and whats worse is , the card reader broke on my laptop so I HAVE to go through the desktop to get the photos off then put them on my laptop to upload.... and that seems to only work sometimes, *SIGH*

Okay enough ranting time for the fun stuff!  

 Dressing up for work, was way to fun!


 I was a Pirate Saturday and Alice ( or Bo Beep, or Goldie Locks , whomever the passengers wanted me to be) today.  It made for an awesome ride. The passengers loved it. Made it tons of fun joking around and cracking jokes about lookin' for treasure or running off to a Tea Party. Dorian even filled my little potion bottle with some potion( aka frozen coffee') in case I needed to shirnk to get through the train. Made for some good joke. ;) Who new working could be fun?

My Co-workers  of course dressed up with me. I wasn't doing this alone are you kidding?







 Ms. Dorian (from Through the Lens Photography) went as a  Ventriloquist Dummy (or Doll as some mistook her for) , and Megan (from Manitoba District) went as a Hippie Saturday and a Cowgirl on Sunday. We all had a blast!  We had little Photoshoots however, Dorian got to keep them on her camera, so we're dying to see how they turned out!  When I get some I will be sure to Share but maybe she will just post them on her Photography page and you can take a peak at her work while your there.

Megan from Manitoba

Take a peak at the girls and I,  having a blast at work for the Halloween weekend. 

Did I mention I met Captain America?
I got a picture with him too! (Hopefully coming soon!)

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