Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Now that I have my official Shantastic Shine Packaging I am going to be putting my new standard shipping policy into effect as of APRIL 1st 2013.

Starting on April 1,2013 Shantastic Shine will not charge shipping on orders over $10. Shipping costs will now be factored in to product prices as well as a 6% MD Sales tax.

The change is being made so that prices can now be the same on ETSY, FACEBOOK, and the OFFICIAL SHOP, as well as delivered items, and tables at craft shows and festivals as much as possible.

So since shipping will be included in prices please keep this in mind if prices seem "high" I am taking most of the shipping costs as an expense however some items can be costly to ship places.

I am trying to create a General Price List to include most Items I personally offer I just added it to the ABOUT ME section of this facebook profile and willa dd it to the Shantastic Shine Creations FANPAGE once I finalize a few more details and get the page edited the way I want it as well.

For Orders under $10.00 there will need to be a payment of $3.00 for Shipping if you would like your items shipped in a bubble mailer.

I hope all this is understanding. In a way it's helping because by doing so I am also going to off a SHANTASTIC SHIPPERS BONUS!

For more info on shipping bonus' you will need to check out the SHANTASTIC SHINE official website here

and check out the new updates to the page!

The shop is slowly getting more items added, and soon there will be more buttons to other awesome vendors I am helping grow with me ♥

All in time I hope to continue to offer those who support me the best services and products that I can. Thanks for the support and I can't wait to ship something in my awesome new packages to EACH one of you.

♥ Thank s
-Shan Tastic —

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