Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hoppy Easter! ( Free Printables!)

Hey there everyone!

I wanted to wish those of you who celebrate a HAPPY EASTER!

 Those of you who don't just have a super awesome Sunday , which could and should  include the finale of The Walking Dead for those of you who watch it too!

So for those of you who celebrate Easter do you till do HUGE baskets full of candy? For our family gatherings we have tried to cut back on the candy giving. We have substituted with small gifts instead just for the sake of giving.  The boys usually get some video game or clothes that they had wanted ( It's strange that the boys in my family are more about certain clothes than the girls often were, shows how things can change. Us girls like to get messy and craft so we don't worry about it as much haha)  My grams put some canvas's and paintbrushes in my basket with just a few Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. She knows I can't resist them.

Though I didn't get Grams a big basket like I use to, I made the Adults tiny Bunny bags out of some of my  leftover inventory bags.  (You can purchase near 100 for $2.00 in the craft section of Walmart I use them for jewelry shipping and often have many around for gifting)

To spice them up a bit I made a printable bunny I'm going to share with you :)

To make these little bunnies you only need a few things. It would be the PERFECT craft for kiddos to make and take to their loved ones for the holiday.  I wish I would have posted it sooner for some of my teacher friends. Maybe they can use it for next year.   Here's a simple how to.

Materials : 

Baggies , Printer , Paper ( Cardstock preferred) , tape,scissors candy

  • Simply print this : CLICK HERE FOR FREE PDF
  • Cut around box ,ears, and Hoppy easter
  • Place bunny in bag first
  • Add Candy
  • Add Hoppy Easster to the Back of Bag.
  • Close bag
  • Tape Ears to back of bag ( I used clear shipping style tape)
  • OPTIONAL:  Glue cotton ball tale to the back of bag for fun cotton tail :)

    Have a good one guys and don't eat to much!  Many of us have some Spring cleaning to keep up with in the next few weeks. However if any of you are online with  a full tummy to relax don't forget to check out the daily updates to   It's still in the productive time where I will be adding tons of new items, links, more vendors, and more.


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