Friday, April 11, 2014

Some Photos for my new layout and website coming soon!

I'm going to be doing some major grounding and  revamping of my directions... as usual. this blog is always taking a wild turn. More poems and artwork in progress. More spiritual and inspiration posts to come as well. For a more personal approach feel free to follow me on facebook :)
Photo: ♫Every little thing she does is magic.♪

 "Fire Fire, it makes you higher. No one can control a women who lives by the heat of her own fire. Simply smokes with pure desire. Has not a cowardice bone inside her. For when it comes down to it the only thing that binds her... Is her own love fire driven by the pure insanities of her own desires."☺♪♫ - Shantastic Shine

♪♫She's a damn good reason for the sun to rise. When you see her smile in the morninglight, And when she cries, she cries a wishing well, Played hide and seek with the hounds of hell

She throws you down to take you high into her privatesky
She's so beautiful, magical, mystical, irresistible, cosmical a wonderfull overkill."♪♫

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