Friday, November 16, 2012

Todays Local Paper

Local Paper had an article on my work today.  

Sadly the story was for a show that has just been moved. All my paintings are currently being displayed at Dante's Bar . The story was printed a few days to late. Tis cool that the website and store both got a shout out :) Hoping to get some more traffic. So if you're new reading HI! :D

Cumberland Times News - November 16,2012

I am working hard on a piece for the Arts Councils Annual Members Exhibition hoping to get it finished tonight , because well... They're due tomorrow. I'm going with a Holiday Feel.... Hope it works for me. I was feeling Jolly!

EDIT: Heres what I came up with for my piece! Hush Santa 16x20 Acrylic stretch canvas. Glack Glossy Frame.

He didn't make it into the show. But that's okay because now if you'd like him you can buy him here :)

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