Thursday, November 1, 2012

Yay for November. Time to get thankful and motivated!

November has arrived and it kinda snuck up on me!  However I got so much done I must say I am thankful for the sudden surge of motivation yesterday or nothing would have gotten finished. I had been sick for a few days and today I will be setting up my showcase at Allegany College of Maryland Bedford Campus with my good friend, former teacher, and inspiration Ms. Robyn Price.  :D

However, despite being sick I managed to create, print, share, and handout my promo flier for my Live Painting next week. Which you can check out more of the event: HERE .

I also worked on my speed painting. I created this  Jerry Garcia piece in 7mins and 23 seconds. It is on a 16x20 Canvas and will sell for $40 (wire hanging on back for easy display).

I also finally found a rotating easel! I ordered it just a few minutes ago. I hope it gets here in time for my live performance because I paid extra for it to ship asap! I'm to excited and impatient to wait ya know!

I also managed to see a bunch of friends and family through the day. Oh , and did I mention I actually did my homework?  All while being slightly sick! Go Me!
I will say I am thankful for my boyfriend who has babied me and taken care of me the past 48 hours and put up with my poutyness knowing I had a ton of stuff to get through sick or not.  <3 maybe he really does support me as much as he says.

Now it's time for rest! 

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