Saturday, January 25, 2014

A night of Red Adventur(ine) and other crystals hehe.

A mixture of most of tonight bracelets but NOT all hehe. I made some major work tonight.  I have put together most of them from a nice strand of red adventurine and they feature stone charms to match the theme of the bracelet as well. The stone charms are from Ocean City Maryland.

To see more check out the Shantastic Shine Sales official webpage STORE. You don't have to buy a thing. You can simply read about the stones if you'd like and learn how amazing they are in general. If one speaks to you then it's meant to be yours so then give it a home .

Here is the shop link and more explantaions:!store/cvf3


 Aventurine is a wonderful stone supporting love and money! It promotes growth, abundance, prosperity, optimism, and recovery. Aventurine supports the heart chakra and any ailments that reside there. It encourages regeneration, helps to lower cholesterol, heals the skin, alleviates pain and allergies, too. This stone is all around good for healing and is usually green. Red adventurine is slightly more rare.

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