Saturday, January 25, 2014

Working late... ZZZzzzZZZ pfft I'm a night owl anyway lol

While you were sleeping..... I was creating AND updating! I added several new bracelets to this album as well as my official shop! If you have any questions or would like to save on a bulk order please feel free to message me!

Sharing is caring... so find your favorite conbo if you can and give it a share. That would help me alot.... and if not take moment and purchase your favorite instead! That would be an even bigger help. Every purchase counts and helps me continue doing what I love.... Thank you all for helping me keep these dreams going. 

Featured above is my Confidence Growth bracelet
Jade is a stone of good fortune. It is a stone of wealth and prosperity and luck. It brings about inner peace and awareness, promotes self realization, and keeps us on track towards our dreams and goals. Ruling the heart chakra, jade helps to reduce emotional and mental stress, and keeps us honest. It may also help to improve agility, and muscle responses.
Onyx is excellent for concentration, focus, grounding, and confidence. It helps to stimulate logical communication, and sharpen your sense of hearing. Though the most popular onyx is black, it actually comes in a variety of colors including red and green.

Purchase here :!product/prd1/1612625415/confidence-growth

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