Saturday, December 20, 2014

Just a few more books! But they're so much fun!

I've been working away at the leather I've had in the studio for a while now and cranked out two more journals. These are a couple of my favorite so far! They already have planned homes and I can't wait for Christmas to get here to gift them.

I tried to make them manly for a couple of special teenage boys so I'm hoping they get used.

My intent for them is to be dream journals or angel journals for the boys to write in to help release some things on their mind.

Selomon has made me realize how truly important it is to keep a journal and I just think these are awesome little gifts. Totally hand made. Uses up materials I had on hand.

Materials used: Leather Scrap , cardstock paper and copy paper - multitone , embroidery thread  and a needle pretty much.

I used some color coordinated paper to help represent their favorite schools and teams.

These ones did take a little more poking at since the leather is thicker. I got my xacto knife out and poked some holes to help save some time.

Excited to make more to share with everyone.

Thanks for checking em out!

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