Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Leather Bound Journals

Last Nights project. 

I've had some leather laying around. And been dying to make an attempt at some leather bound journals. Made a few more over the weekend that I gifted to some friends. They seem to be getting better each time!  I had to make a bound book in school once and never thought I'd enjoy putting pages together as much as I do. 

Wondering what the new owner will write among it's pages I personally hand cut and sewed together.

 I will be making more of these for angel messages and more.

I also have a friend or two that is amazing at book making so if you would like one... and I can't do it I'm sure I can find you someone who can. They can be fabric bound or card stock with decorative paper covers as well! 

If you'd like one please feel free to ask. I will be making em until I'm out of materials. They make perfect gifts for the holidays! I have a couple of days to priority ship if needed!

-Shantastic Shine

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