Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas preparing, while being sick, is totally kicking my butt!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I'm terrible at this. My New Years Resolution is going to be to post every day. I shall be setting a reminder on the phone so that it for sure gets done!

On a happier note , I have been getting tons of crafting done.

On the Artfire we now have more rings take a peak at a few :

I have also been working on some nmifty Initial bracelets. They are adjustable so that they can easily fit anyone. I hated having so many bracelets and anklets people loved but didn't fit. So I made it wearable for everyone. I can make these in any color. I use hemp, and Cotton Cord . They run about $5 and are made to order to feel free to tell me what color. If no color is stated I will be making htem in natural browns.
  Feel free to message me on FACEBOOK  I will gladly make custom bracelet/anklets before the holidays! They are nice and simple to make too. If you want a quick guide on how to make them yourself you can message me as well. I will try posting a tutorial before the holiday.

I'm going to go finish up some glas mosaic coasters! I will post a photo of them when they're finished! Can't wait to get caught up! But then again I love all of my orders so keep em comin!

Happy Holidays everyone!
and of course HAPPY CRAFTING!

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