Monday, August 11, 2014

I can officially say... When grams left my world she broke my heart </3 I've carried this thing every day since she got sick that first day and I rushed it to her... I've dropped it a million times and it never seemed hurt at all... until last night I was upset and I dropped it... and in front of Kayla Rachel Alex and Selo and more... my heart broke ... With the most intense symbolic timing.
I was speechless. .and just wanted to cry and cry ... but somehow felt it was her telling me it would be okay..... because on the Inside ...The heart is sooooo sparkly that I was almost jealous it wasn't the outside all along.... and in my head I heard her sing a little song... about how even though the Polish may wear off of the outside the Inside will always stay shining strong

Oh let's just say I had quite a night.
But silly little things though devastating in ways help me get through this fight.

Michael Phillips thank you for this amazing piece it has helped helped me with more than you may ever know. Malachite has became one of my favorite crystals and this particular piece has seen hell and back

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