Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Light Queen of my life ...may she rest in peace.

My best friend of 23 years... the women who knew truely how to take away all my fears.
I feel like this just isn't even real life right now oh super moon how you've brought my biggest fear to light on this dreaded night.
My grams is officially gone... she finally given up on her fight.
On the 9th month at 9 p.m. on the 10th day , of 2014 she was guided to the other side on her mothers birthday... ( at least she got one heck of a present on this day)

Thank you to every single person that's been there along the way I knew she wasn't able to continue her stay. I just hated seeing her have to end it but today was just meant to be the day.

So much love for one women I never knew it where possible to be true. But I can honestly say there will never be another women quite like her. Though I keep reminding myself it's better to have loved her and lost her than to have never have had her.


My grams had a notebook she was writing in... One of the only rings she wrote me was " Shannon you are loved remember that. And now always look to god for answers."... I cried... then got on and saw this....

Oh what a day. I feel like this means leaves in general rather than turned against me. regardless I am grateful for the strength to get through .
She is forever an amazing part of me and my life.

I will be regaining my life in the next few days then restarting some of my pages for yet another new chapter to my life.
The darkest days are here then its all up from here! No time left to fear. Gotta just grab the wheel and steer!

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