Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sometimes Lifes a test.

♪♫"Somewhere I heard that life is a test, I been though the worst but still I give my best. God made my mold different from the rest. Then he broke that mold so I know I’m blessed (this is my world)

I'll Stand up now and face the sun... Won’t hide my tail or turn and run. It’s time to do what must be done. Be a Queen when kingdom comes♥.

Girl you can tell everybody
Yeah you can tell everybody...I don't need no man. I'll be the one to take this stand.

I got all the answers to your questions...I’ll be the teacher you could be the lesson. I’ll be the preacher you be the confession. I’ll be the quick relief to all your stressing (this is my world) It’s a thin line between love and hate.
Is you really real? or is you really fake?
I’m a solider standing on my feet!
No surrender and I won’t retreat!
Even when I'm feelin Beat.
This is my world!"♪♫

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