Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Look into Kyanite , the no cleanse needed, crystal of many powers.

This weeks crystal of the week is Kyanite. A strong telepathic stone enhancing psychic abilities, that is also great for releasing anxiety. Cherish this stone for it is soft in form but strong in energy. It is not a crystal that needs to be rinsed in water in fact DO NOT let it get wet or soak in water. This crystal needs to stay nice and dry and is one of two major crystals to never need a cleanse of clear. It will also help keep other crystals charged nd positively charged.

This beautiful light blue crystal also radiates an energy of balance , tranquility, and ease of communication or channeling. It has come to us in slight abundance in this era to help with the spiritual awakening. Many healers use it to aide in the strengthening of skills in those that are now suddenly finding themselves in an awakening to their true selves and the star origins. Kyanite is a powerful stone of manifestation toward reaching ones hopes and dreams. It releases a calming effect that helps to quiet the mind and aide in spiritual confusion allowing one to “let go” of what they thought they “knew.”

Kyanite is a stone for everyone. It is commonly known to be blue though is also found in green and even less commonly pink. 

I personally have a few pieces of Kyanite in my personal collection and a couple in my crystal collection for healing and sale. If interested in purchasing kyanite please feel free to contact and I will be able to lead you in the right direction or make you a custom creation with it included. Though Kyanite can be made into a wrap it is warned that if worn in jewelry it is important to take it off in wet weather and keep in a safe dry place or it will fall apart.

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