Sunday, March 29, 2015

Guided by your Guides. Please give this a listen.

So... I just had an awakening experience. I am still currently dizzy but wow..... After having a slight worry fest yesterday I finally got some clear signs from my own guides tonight and others that I am indeed right on path as I so often remind others.

But even Intuitive guides and healers sometimes get in their doubty modes and need a wake up call....

While in the bath just now I decided to listen to this podcast on Spreaker.... I fell in love with the speaker Linda Deir because her story is so similar to my own that I knew there was a reason I had decided to turn something like this on when usually  I relax to music.

The water wasn't to my liking so something provoked me to get a shower too rinse off. As I stood up I lost my balance right as she's talking about something along the lines of not listening and being patient which I know has been a problem for so many of us lately.... and then I blacked out and fell...taking the shower curtain rod and everything with me to the ground... bopping me in the end and luckily or more so conveniently knocking the candle into the water saving me from a fire and worse.

I wasn't out long but long enough to wake up to the speaker actually saying WAKE UP...and Shine! A message the universe KNOWS would resonate with me PERFECT.

Well I gathered my bearings and went to go to My room...anddddddd my glasses were missing. Making me blind as I was already dizzy.

I immediately  apologized to my guides for not listening more...and then the phone speaker goes to full volume.

I literally was just on my knees looking for my eyes. After promising the universe I would share this series of events and this podcast something tells me to go to my bedroom and  breathe... it is almost 6 in the morning. But 9 had just had my glasses and I knew I took them off AFTER I got in the bath...only because I got got them wet...... so anyway  I went to the bedroom

After I get there I sit down  and put my hand on my pillow ...and there is my glasses (there is no one else here....)...i take three  big breaths and one of the speakers (the podcast is still playing) the one speaker talks about sharing this message.

And so I am.

Listen to this. Remind yourself to stay awake. Don't be another edition of the "program"

Have faith that you have a more divine purpose and that everything happens for a reason.

Please give it a listen and share.

Shine bright and love always.
Shantastic  Shine  <3

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