Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Aventurine a great Heart Chakra Crystal

Aventurine is a beautiful pastel green stone that reinforces leadership qualities as well as intensifies compassion and promotes empathy of others. By allowing yourself to connect with others on an emotional level it helps build stronger bonds and gives a sense of understanding and love for everyone and thier feelings.

Aventurine is also a stone of prosperity. As it has a strong connection to the devic kingdom. It is a great stone to use in grids,gardens, and wearable pieces such as necklaces or bracelets. It helps bring in the abundance with it's green color representing the flow of money in many of our worlds.

Green Aventurine is known to be a good comforting stone and heart healer. It helps activate the heart chakra and neutralizes all sources of electromagnetic pollution that may be contaminating your space due to emissions from computers, televisions, and other electronic equipment.

Overall Aventurine promotes a feeling of positive well being. It helps balance male and female energy and it also encourages regeneration int he heart chakra. It is also a useful stone to protect oneself from psychic attacks.

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Aventurine and Moonstone Princess Bracelet

Tiger's Eye and Aventurine Tree of Life Necklace

Aventurine Heart Chakra Bracelet - Full moon Cleansed and Charged

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