Friday, July 5, 2013

The first Shantastic SHINEhat - It glows and is UV activated!

FINALLY after tons of requests, and mentions of a "hat" design or piece of "artwork" I finally made The first Shantastic Shine Sales Hat attempt. 

It is a flat bill size 7 1/4 fitted hat. The back is currently white but could be dyed/painted a solid color if requested.

Hats are handpainted by Shannon C.

HOWEVER, my next step WAS to make this bad boy or the next one GLOW/UV activated.... and guess what I DID! I can now creat ShineHats that react to the UV lasers like the Shantastic SHINE BOARDS. I am beyond excited to create a few more for the upcoming festivities I plan to attend. SHINEhats are handpainted by Shannon C. and one of a kind. They are then glazed in a thin coat of a special uv reactive paint to react with laser. These hats will glow for a few minutes in a dark place if left or worn in direct sunlight for long periods of time. This shouldn't effect the hat or design. It is based off of the same idea as the stars that children can put on their cielings to glow at night.

Now you can have your own person glow on the go!

What kind of hats would you like to see? Do you have any ideas or themes for me? I would love to hear some input. 

Oh! One more thing! Did I mention I finally CREATED A VIDEO of the Shantastic SHINE in action! 

You can check it out CLICK HERE 

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