Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What is Etsy?

I'm updating things again! Starting with the ETSY SHOP. Are you looking to shop Shantastic Shine Sales but don't like to make "facebook transactions"? Don't forget you can also shop online via ETSY to get Shantastic Shine Creations. 

WHAT IS ETSY? I have tons of people ask me this as soon as I mention it. So don't worry you aren't the only one confused. But for me and millions of other Artists it is a better version of Ebay. 

Kinda like a Handmade Ebay. Where everything is vintage or handmade, or supplies to make something handmade. 

There are tons of awesome items on there not from just me but thousands of other shops. It provides a secure sale for people who aren't to internet savvy or up to date on the online shopping trends. That way if you need a refund , there is a third party there to secure it , not just a facebook message. 

So if you have a few moments take a peak. Warning though you may get lost for hours in awesome handmade items. 

I see nothing wrong with that though ;) Support your Artists friends. They need jobs too.

Click here to check it out

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