Wednesday, July 10, 2013

2nd hat is now painted ! Yay!

After a few hours of concentration it is 2:52 in the a.m. and my 2nd hat is finished.... ahh accomplishment. 

NOW , it's chill time.

Then to rest up to rise tomorrow to make it shine!


The hat I just finished painting is a white flat bill. It is a fitted style size 7 1/2
The hat is originally white and was hang painted on the front and bill. Currently the "back" is splatter painted with black. 

The hat is neon painted and will soon be Black light activated! (For more info on this watch the SHINE video here) I will add it to the shop in the next few days. If interested at all please let me know. I will be working on a few other designs soon too. Hoping to raise enough to purchase Interlocken festival tickets before they are sold out. So please feel free to take a peak around in the shops to help donate to my much needed festy vacation fund as well as support my starving artist dreams.

All of you who take the time to peak around at all are what makes my day better. Thanks for your time!

Now enough late night rambling. I am going to go chillax.
Until next time,

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