Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tons of fun stuff made today! Yay!

 I have accomplished a lot today! I actually thought I was being kinda lazy and look how much I got done! 

I finished not one but TWO thick heady DOG LEASHES!

One dog leash is ina longer tan twine style and a thicker. It has a longer style loop to that you can easily put it on your shoulder like a bag to keep your furry pal near by almost hands free. The other is a shorter black thick style, which also has a larger style loop for over the shoulder use!

My other projects tonight includeda custom Stealie painting, a thicker style hemp necklace, and a natural tone circle-lock size 8 fitted hat. 

 I'm on a ROLL! Hope to keep it up tomorrow! Gettin' stocked up for August festies.

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