Friday, February 14, 2014

Check out this chicka she's full of good lines and hella rhymes.

Photo: wearing my custom made black light Bart fitted to love eternal 6 tonight! get your custom made hat from Shantastic Shine Sales <3
Rita Vida Rose rockin' her  custom Shantastic Shine Hat!

This girl (@Rita Rose) has blown my mind with her amazing lines. Go give her a vote it wont take by a moment of your time and who knows who else you may find.

Download her track and listen to her rap It's got meaning and love so much better than all the other mainstream crap. VOTE FOR HER HERE!

Dooo it..... Her CD hasn't stopped in my world since I got it... (well only long enough for the cd to bounce from my car to my studio to my desktop so now I have it everywhere

Paint it black is her song up for vote... but honestly check out her whole CD. Land of the Slave is probably my favorite... or Angry young and poor.

Much love to ya sista spread that Energy
-Shantastic Shine

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