Saturday, February 15, 2014

Some say I'm crazy.... I think their veiw might be hazy.

Sometimes ya gotta rhyme with your time.... here's something I wrote to help others open their eyes:

So Ima Lil different some say crazy...I say it's okay baby....what if i am? ...
Try more like mystical I'm all about spiritual no need to get physical it's all metaphysical. Visions streaming in and the voices almost hearable.
Don't be lifeless is just to priceless. Haven't you heard what the definition of life is?
Live it up stop acting tough. It's all about the lessons. Never stop putting yourself through the lifeforce testin'

I betcha didn't think you could learn so much in a blink, Ima command you to think...
to look at the world through a whole new panoramic view. So you too can see what's true.
Open your eyes help others realize all these older generations are doing nothing but feeding us lines.

But who am I to criticize what you feed your mind ... just simply trying to help you stop wasting so much time.

So what if I'm "crazy" ....maybe you're just being lazy

Help me help you .... This is what we all must do. No one's getting anywhere without backing up the words of truth.

Love is what we need.... Im over all this greed. It's time to work together and we shall all succeed.

You and mee and all that we can see. Help the world plant the seeds and we can all grow and be free.

With all that said and done I hope you don't make fun. Remember were all here together... All living under the same light of the sun. Why not spread the love of light and then we shall see which side has won.

- Shantastic Shine

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