Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Serger Search!

Help a sista out... Because I need some miracles to help make miracles happen. I'm on a mission, and
welp I now NEED A SERGER!!!! (special sewing machine) AND any extra clothes anyone would love to get rid of please please message me and I will be making rounds through the town to pick up stuff...preferably sweaters and plainer clothes to use for fabric!

AS FOR MY SERGER DILEMMA...: ANY SALES would be greatly appreciated this week... hats.. hat pins... wire wraps.. ect. I would beyond grateful to reach my goal of $400 to invest in a NICE machine and be able to bring you all so much awesome. Patchworks backpacks jackets and more! So please take a few minutes and look through ANY or ALL of my albums and find at least one thing you're interested in? Share with your friends maybe? I am forever grateful to have such awesome fans and friends and I know that in no time I will have what I need but this miracle could be greatly helped by any even small purchase you could make or help me make Good things are coming. I can feel them. Thank you all so much for the support I have already. I can't wait to get started on something even more awesome.

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