Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Support Downtown Cumberland and artists!

Support Downtown Cumberland and artists!

Heya Shantastic Shine Fans. Did you know you can now purchase energy bracelets made by me in person at a local shop? There are a batch of pre-made bracelets down at Peace of Me it is located on the downtown mall next to The Vapor room on Center Street in Cumberland. If you have any questions on stones or chakras I'm sure Jodi would love to talk to you. She also has a mixture of other awesome new age healing items and information, AND classes.

Please check it out I know a few of you have been interested in buying items in person so I'm starting slow to do what I can to get things into local shops. Thanks so much for making my dreams possible. Shine on and please take a moment to stop by and take a peak around!

Supporting local shops truly helps save the world you're helping all those in your community !

Share the love. Be the light. Learn about your energy so you may shine super bright!


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