Monday, September 1, 2014

Workin' with some wood :P!product/prd12/2746928881/fluorite-and-blackbird-feather-shaman-stick!product/prd12/2746887431/leather-gripped-hand-crafted-jade-shaman-stickBeen workin' on a lot of new things as well as looking forward to a lot of events coming up!
Selomon of Project Bring me to Life has been helping out around the Shine Time studios and magical things are happening. Take a peak at these awesome Shaman Sticks and wands we've collaborated on.

They are totally made with love and by hand. We've found them on walks around Lake Gordon and turned them into one of a kind hand crafted pieces just for you.

Each piece is adorned with different stones to provied each owner with a unique power in their new tool. These pieces are great for spiritual healers as well as anyone in need of a walking stick or alter wand!  However the piece must speak to its owner. If one of these seems to be calling to you take a peak at what the stone metaphysical meanings are!  I have added a short description in the shop descriptions for each piece. Simply click on the photo for more information or Contact me and I will gladly create something custom just for you! With the help of Selo I'm sure  if he's not busy working on something for Project Bring me to Life which is also in full speed! For more info check out his new website @!Where he will be doing LIVE podcasts EVERY Tuesday at 8:00 P.M. EST . Tomorrow he will be featuring Ashton from Spaceship Earth <3 and  Next week  ... it's SHINE TIME and I will be LIVE. :D Make sure to check it out!!product/prd12/2746847991/tiger%27s-eye-and-lapis-charged-wand!product/prd12/2746863771/amethyst-%2C-jasper%2C-and-moonstone-handcrafted-wand

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