Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Flower Power Hair Accessories!

Shantastic Flower Power Headbands - Thinner StyleWell anyone willing to read it is time for my first official tutorial at least for this blog :) This is a photo of one of my Shantastic Flower Power Headbands.... and what I would like to make with you since it is pretty simple.
Plus, many crafters have all the materials they need stashed somewhere!:)

Haha by the way.....Meet Prudence! She's my creepy little mannequin twin that I will dress up from time to time in attempts at getting some good photos I apologize if she creeps you out a bit.... she kinda bothered me at first to. 
Prudence!- Shantastic Official Creepy Mannaquin face hehe

Anyways, I decided to share an easy step by step for what would be - awesome- for craft parties or rainy day project with some little girls, however I used hot glue if little ones are doing it a different glue type is recommended because I burn myself frequently when using one and I should be a pro by now lol.
Shantastic Flower Power Headbands - Thicker Style

Hair Accessories - ( New or recycled from old hair clips and ties)
Hot glue gun and glue sticks of course
Buttons or embellishments
 and Felt
(preferably die cut into flowers I used a Sizzex and cut about a million one day at my grams. Otherwise you can click here for a free stencils you could make from cardboard and cut the flowers if you have the patience.... sometimes this is good for little ones if you trust them with the scissors because it keeps them busy for a long time. Also, many craft stores have tubs of random felt shapes already cut out and sticky for childrens crafts. I haven't seen one recently ( of course now that I want them) but I distinctly remember a tub of very awesome colored felt flowers from A.C. Moore but now I can't find them but raandom felt scraps and remnants from other projects could work just as well! Or any fabric really the options are endless!

Here is an example of a large flower.

I just simple took the multiple flowers and layered them on top of each other.... and hot glued them to give it some depth and texture. 

I then glued a button or ribbon to the center with a hot glue gun.... I have also made many by sewing the buttons through the layers, as well as used felt /fabric glue. Hot glue is still the best I've found despite the burning of  fingers through the process. Just please be careful! I am just clumsy

I then place a big dab of glue on the back of the dried flower stack and attach a hair accessorie of choice.

 Now I like to add a nice finish with a smaller flower on the back for support and to cover the glued parts so it's not so messy looking.

Let dry and try them on!!! Make a pair for every outfit...and if you don't want to that's fine stop on over to my ETSY SHOP- SHANTASTIC SALES-  and order one in any way you'd like.... or order a bunch :) I don't mind. I will be posting more sets and styles soon when I get some more glue sticks!

 I have so many colors of felt any color combo is possible :) Please feel free to contact me if you'd like me to make you a bunch for an event. I have a family who will soon be receiving 20 in matching colors for a reunion of the ladies :) I can't wait to get the photos I was promised with them all wearing them together :) I love the support and hope to see many of you sporting some Flower Power hair accessories of your own! Feel free to message me some photos of ideas you have come up with. :)

Oh and one more thing.....Here are some photos of the other hair CLIPS that I helped reconstruct... I had a friend from work get a few of the Shantastic Flower Power bands  for her little friend Emmers but she happens to dis like headbands like a lot of other little girls I know... so I got to play craft doctor and turn all her hair bands into hair clips :) Now she will be able to wear them comfortably and be as cuter than everr :)

It's so easy to reconstruct some hair pieces to more wearable all new designs. :) Have fun with it. Keep craftin'

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