Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rainy ...pouring.... and my man was snoring...

Purple flower glass pendant with glass and bronze accent beads. Silver Toggle clasp
When it rains it pours……and man oh man did it pour last week! It rained for hours with lightning that tore up our whole town. My boyfriend played games and went to sleep after all the lightning...didn't bother him much. I listened to the storms and watched the kittens on the porch get nervous. they didn't look to upset though at least they had shelter. :( I felt bad for those without power. I got lucky enough for mine to only flicker for a while. Then eventually went out but it didn't both me much. Although, until it went out I worked away at some new pieces for the shops :). And when I woke up... the power was back and I played nice and let all my friends without power come enjoy my semi cool house( but not really because one little air conditioner does nothing for a two story house with crappy insulation.) I believe everyone was just happy to have t.v. and internet access. However, I didn't mind the company I just kept crafting away. ;)

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