Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Teaching,... what an awesome thing :)

Sorry I haven't been updating as frequently as I should be just yet. Getting everything started with the my ShantasticSales Etsy Page,and ShantasticSales Artfire Store :) and all the new items has been a little hectic. Oh, and did I mention my boyfriends 25th birthday is tomorrow? Plus I got to teach yesterday! Talk about busy , that's not even half of it but I won't bore you with my schedule. It's not that I mind it. I enjoy the help and growth that has been falling into place these past few weeks. I want to take a moment to say a special thanks to all of my returning customers and supporting friends and family. :) Oh and just real quick before I babble to long and loose most of you, you can now reach this page at    I may be changing the layout and such a bit while I finish the branding and all the new changes.....

Now on to my main topic.

Yesterday, I got to go do a teaching at Allegany College of Maryland with one of my favorite art teachers. (Check her art out here!) We made hemp style bracelets...well it started out as bracelets and turned into anklets or  keychains since she forgot to tell me there were more guys than girls in her class. So I came up with a quick fix for anyone who didn't need a bracelet.

This is not my personal tutorial or video but
very helpful at getting you started. :) I found it on Pinterst
I really wish I would have thought to have someone snap some pictures for my blogs to share. However since I didn't I wanted to share a blog I found and used as a tutorial for some of the bracelets.

Here is a link to the page I found on pinterest. She also has many awesome D.I.Y videos :)

Please share any bracelets you make I love seeing every ones ideas and creations. That was my favorite part of teaching seeing all the students ( some younger than me some older than me) leaving with finished pieces they were pretty proud of.

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