Sunday, July 8, 2012


Here are some items!

Cotton Candy Colored Earrings
Cotton Candy Inspired Earrings
Pink, turquoise, and yellow beaded earrings with silver accent.
Original Price $10.00
Heat Wave Sale this week only
Smiley Mood Rings
Smiley Moods- Mood Rings with a twist!
Buy them as a set or individually.
Silver wire Please Request a Size.
Original 6 PC. SET PRICE $50.00
Heatwave Sale.

Shantastic Sales (@Shantastic Sales)Has officially posted the big HEATWAVE sale.

I have been working away at tons of new items. The heatwave sale is finally posted on the FACEBOOK

Feel free to share the pages and items with your friends. Many more items to come for the summer series but enjoy the heatwave sale. Once posted to the Etsy and Artfire they will be going full price.

Feel free to message me or contact me for a Paypal option or mailing address for a check or money order.

 Star Set Heatwave Sale
T-shirt Chain Star Set. Dark Silver Chain and Findings Clasps.
Get this whole set for a deal price! All new Shantastic Design.
T-shirt and Chains. Dark Silver chain with Pink T-shirt and Star Accents
Set Comes with Necklace, Earrings, and Ring.
Gift Box included if requested.
Now off to work on tutorials and things for next week! Enjoy your comfy computer chair and peak around my shop :)  Or help out by Pinning a few of your favorites to your Styles on Pinterest . Help me spread the word!

OH! One more thing before I run off. I forgot to mention.... If you share a link to my HEATWAVE SALES album on facebook.... Message me or contact me and make an order of ANYTHING and get a free ~Scrappy Chain~ (Keychain made from awesome random hemps and beads) with your purchase for helping out! :) 

Here's one of my red ones :)

- Share a photo from the Heatwave sale and message me to order something this week and get a free ~Scrappy Keychain~ with your purchase :)

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