Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A little bit of thought.."Conquer the bad"

I am trying to finish tweaking the website. Apparently the store check out isn't working so please contact me via facebook or etsy to complete orders until I get the bugs all finished. Shouldn't be long though! I had an awesome weekend of motivational vacation to get me in gear for upcoming SHANTASTIC projects!

While I am busy sorting through pages of codes , millions of files, and uploading crazy slowness I wanted to share a few things to think about.

Over the past few days, after recovering from the first initial Shantastic Shine website launch, I took a small vacation to look over the past few weeks of craziness I have been doing planning and looking for more work.

So today, I logged onto my facebook to peak catch up from my weekend of trying to avoid much technology. I scrolled upon this on my newsfeed this photo that was simply shared by a rather awesome chick I know.  

So before I continue I wanted to share as well. It really caught my attention.

Please ponder this for a few seconds. Take a moment to think about the "bad".   I ask you too because I know stared at it for a few seconds too.

 Realizing I just had a similar conversation with boyfriend about some things I realized over the weekend, I hurried to my notebook to look back through my scribbles from the weekend. 

To understand the scribblings you may need to have a better understanding of my version of a "vacation". It doesn't mean a cruise or a walk on a beach, though I would never turn either down, I just currently have to many other responsibilities and can't run away to the water or big city.

 When I go on vacation , it generally means I turn technology off. Blare music, grab a friend or two , and just chill and talk about whatever randomness is needed. Generally I come out of it with a million ideas, an awesome new friendship (maybe two or three, or a whole new family.)  I also keep a notebook or something to document any ideas I have that may be important later. Then, after I realize I didn't need to sit on a computer and waste my day away I usually get rather motivated to go play in the studio. 

That being said , I searched through the notebook looking for something I thought for sure I had written so similar to this very statement I came across, and there it was

" I believe... If you haven't had something truly "bad" to overcome and live through, you have not truly lived yet.

Because, those who have succeeded have conquered. But not all of those have conquered what is needed to realize their success has come."

I make myself think sometimes. But I'm glad. I truley believe to succeed at anything, you have to conquer something,somehow, at some point , to make you who you are and what you accomplish possible.

 Those that are "handed" success have not truly reached their full potential until they have conquered something worthy of their "success" being memorable. 

If I confused you, or made no sense I do apologize for my rambling. If you agree please share this with others and I shall be posting more as I get some of my "motivational posters" completed.  :) If you would like to chat more,especially on this topic of similar philosophies, I'm usually reachable. Feel free to Contact me.

Until next time,


-P.S.   Take a moment to sit and think for a while. Whether it be alone, with a friend, a pet, in silence, or blaring music that touches your soul.   Turn off the "outside world"  grab a piece of paper and let your mind ease. You can write it, draw it, scribble in anger or frustration, or fold it up into a piece of origami. Just relax.  It could end up being such a great thing in the end.

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  1. Who hasn't had to live through their own bad times?