Friday, March 15, 2013


WHEW! I just printed out a sample of my business cards I just designed to match my website that I JUST launched. AND THEN I did a little happy dance all over my house. :) is officially up and running and cards are ready to go to the printer... and I can sit down *Away from a computer* and relax!

Time to go take a nap, have a quick vacation this weekend and get back to CRAFTING awesome things on Sunday/Monday.

:) All my work has paid off and I am a few steps closer to sharing my love and helping others reach each other in one place.

♥ Thank you all who have helped and listened all the way and who continue to help support me and give me the much needed feedback I so very dearly appreciate.

Shantastic Shine is one step closer to being as big as many thought I could only hope for.

Goodnight all, and thanks for checking it all out.
-Shan Tastic

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